About Us - Carbon Credit Research and Surveillance Agency Ltd

About Us

CCRASA is an Independent and Professional Organisation whose aim is to perform SURVEILLANCE, gather MARKET INTELLIGENCE, ANALYZE LIQUIDITY, STABILITY, FINANCE OPTIONS and AVAILABILITY for the Carbon Credit Markets, which are affecting Carbon Trading, Carbon Storage and Carbon Projects and their Producers and Consumers. It will also facilitate the exchange of such Information between Governments, Organizations, Institutions, Research Centers and Financial Markets, Project Developers and Market Participants.

CCRASA's Data, Information and Market Knowledge will make the Organization a global leader of Carbon Credit Projects, Storage, Trading, and Finance intelligence. Access to such quality and comprehensive Data and Information can be essential for the market participants who want to make better-informed decisions.

CCRASA Intends to bring transparency, in-depth market knowledge and structure to the Carbon Credit Market with its independent project and market research, thereby becoming a leading Center for Market Production, Investment, Finance Requirements and Consumption.

CCRASA is continuously assessing and reassessing its knowledge bank; adopting changes as needed to respond to the varying needs of Investors, Project Developers, Governments, Organizations, Institutions, and Finance, Insurance and Market Participants, thereby enabling us to offer insightful and current information.