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Top person names mentioned in today's news:

Nick Rahall    4 (12.12%)
Mitch Mcconnell    3 (9.09%)
Evan Jenkins    3 (9.09%)
Christopher Duzich    3 (9.09%)
Paul Ryan    3 (9.09%)
Barack Obama    3 (9.09%)
Brennan Linsley    2 (6.06%)
Top organization names mentioned in today's news:

Environmental Protection Agency    8 (24.24%)
Department Of Energy    3 (9.09%)
Ipcc    3 (9.09%)
David Suzuki Foundation Senior Editor Ian Hanington    2 (6.06%)
International Monetary Fund    2 (6.06%)
Intergovernmental Panel On Climate Change    2 (6.06%)
Congressional Budget Office    2 (6.06%)
Top cities worldwide mentioned in today's news:

Kyoto, Kyoto, Japan    5 (15.15%)
Washington, District Of Columbia, United States    5 (15.15%)
San Francisco, California, United States    5 (15.15%)
Denver, Colorado, United States    3 (9.09%)
Huntington, West Virginia, United States    2 (6.06%)
Copenhagen, Kã¸Avn*, Denmark    1 (3.03%)
Santa Rosa, Pando, Bolivia    1 (3.03%)

Below are the top 25 articles of yesterday, ranked in order of their overall potential and actual impact on the global media ecosystem surrounding this topic.

Familiar themes in final Colorado Senate debate - Yahoo News
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... but no longer does. Gardner didn't say why many interpret a House bill with his name on it as a "personhood" measure. Udall dodged questions, too. He wouldn't elaborate on an acceptablecarbon tax, though the Democrat supports a carbon tax and says Colorado is ready to support one. "The market will set a price," Udall said several times without specifying an amount. The dodges prompted a ...

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Wonkbook: Why the Obama administration wont oversell Obamacare in year two - The Washington Post

... what the former Assistant Energy Secretary Andy Karsner calls 'the three big C's: code, crude and capital.' If only we could do tax reform, and replace payroll and corporate taxes with acarbon tax, we'd have a formula for resiliency and success far better than any of our adversaries." Thomas L. Friedman in The New York Times . Science interlude: Schrdinger's cat the thought experiment, ...

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How to Find the Perfect Carbon Offset

... company finance clean energy projects or take other sustainability measures that fit its business operations. For businesses that can't leverage those opportunities on their own, buyingcarbon offsets can still help raise their green profile in meaningful ways. If your business has already gained some progress, carbon offsets can also help you embrace a broader field of action. In other words, ...

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Milton Friedman and Climate Change

... Two Chicago economists argued that Friedman would have applied the textbook analysis of "negative externalities" to the issue of climate change, and therefore would have supported acarbon tax. The only problem is, they gave no actual quotes of Friedman supporting a carbon tax, even though he died in 2006. Furthermore, there is at least one quotation from Friedman in which he denounces ...

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You Can't Manage What You Don't Measure -- SAN FRANCISCO, Oct. 15, 2014 /PRNewswire/ --
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... SAN FRANCISCO , Oct. 15, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- The art of calculating and managing your carbon footprint just got easier! TerraPass, a leading carbon offset provider, is pleased to launch its new state-of-the art online carbon calculator. They have taken the complex process of calculating your carbon footprint and turned it into a comprehensive, easy and informative customer experience. By ...

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Fact-checking the Alaska Senate race

... jobs. But the very article the Sullivan campaign cites shows that Begich wasn't "unconcerned." Full story: " 'Outright Lies' in Alaska," May 2 Claim: Begich "is on record supporting a carbon taxthat will cost the average family over $2,000 annually." Facts : Begich hasn't backed a carbon tax proposal, and the $2,000 figure is based on general assumptions, not any specific plan or piece ...

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Homeowners face 1,000 increase in electricity bills | Daily Mail Online

... wind farms would be 26billion per year, which was a 53 per cent increase in the average consumer's power bill. Further to this would be increased costs coming from the industry andcarbon taxes, which in total would add almost 1,000 onto the average consumer's bill, the Daily Express reported. The Scientific Alliance said the Government's aims to have 35 per cent of electrical energy ...

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ACCC takes stock of its new carbon repeal enforcement powers: "what went on should now come off" - Lexology

... In July this year, Parliament abolished the carbon tax by passing the Clean Energy Legislation (Carbon Tax Repeal) Bill 2014 (repeal legislation). In addition to repealing the carbon tax, it introduced new prohibitions against price exploitation and misrepresentations relating to the carbon tax repeal, and empowered the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) with a range of new ...

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Opinion: Premier must reform emissions-reduction policy

... 100,000 tonnes of CO2-equivalent per year to reduce the facilities ' emission intensity by 12 per cent relative to their baseline emissions. Firms can either reduce emissions, purchasecarbon offsets, or pay $15 per tonne for emissions not abated. The SGER is Alberta 's only regulation requiring emissions reduction. Based on data from Environment Canada, facilities covered by SGER account for ...

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California, Quebec to hold first joint carbon auction | The Sacramento Bee

... and the name of the funeral home/crematory to contact for verification of death. For more information about placing obituaries, click here. In a significant milestone for "cap and trade" carbon markets, California and Quebec have announced that their first combined auction of greenhouse gas emission credits will be held Nov. 19. Officials said the joint auction will strengthen ...

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(When) Will the U.S. Take a Stand for Climate Justice? | TakePart

... climate agreement. President Obama promised bigger cuts to carbon emissions at the U.N. Climate Summit last month, but the Senate scuttled the emissions trading scheme known as cap and trade during the president's first term. Because the U.S. Constitution requires a two-thirds Senate majority to ratify international treaties, it's unclear what the presidentor his successorcan do to help ...

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Ecosystem Marketplace - Forest Carbon Offsets For Sale: To You And Me

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Small Biodiesel Maker Closing Indicative of RFS Problem | Domestic Fuel

... [Kumar Plocher, Yokayo Biofuels' CEO] says the biggest reason for their closure was due to a lack of government support both at the state and federal levels. He explains that the carbon credit programs, those where petroleum companies are required to buy a certain amount of renewable fuels, allowed his company to bank carbon credits, normally valued high based on demand. This year state ...

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You Cant Manage What You Dont Measure | Virtual-Strategy Magazine

... SAN FRANCISCO , Oct. 15, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- The art of calculating and managing your carbon footprint just got easier! TerraPass, a leading carbon offset provider, is pleased to launch its new state-of-the art online carbon calculator. They have taken the complex process of calculating your carbon footprint and turned it into a comprehensive, easy and informative customer experience. By ...

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Vista Establishes Carbon Credit Portfolio - Power Engineering

... - Oct 14, 2014) - Vista International Technologies, Inc. ( OTCQB : VVIT ), a pioneer in efficient Waste-to-Energy technology, is pleased to announce the recent completion of its Carbon CreditProject Design Documentation (PDD), thereby establishing a portfolio of carbon credits for the Company.According to the VCS (Voluntary Carbon Standard) methodologies, a single Vista municipal solid ...

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Bloomberg View: Carbon taxes don't kill jobs and can even boost economies | The Salt Lake Tribune

... Where they've been tried, the evidence shows, well-designed carbon taxes have succeeded in reducing greenhouse-gas emissions. But that doesn't necessarily end the debate over their effects nor should it. The next question is whether that success is bought at the expense of jobs and incomes. The answer is no. As long as the tax is well-designed, it can cut emissions at little or no economic ...

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Rahall, Jenkins trade barbs on key issues during debate - Register Herald: News

... Jenkins said. "We have an explosion in the natural gas industry. We have a unique opportunity to lead this country to energy independence. "But you can't be pro-coal and vote for a carbon tax. You can't be pro-coal and vote for Nancy Pelosi for Speaker six times." Rahall responded that he is pro-coal no matter who is in office as president of the United States Speaker of the House. "C ...

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Gas prices significantly higher in the new year |

... The new cap and trade tax on gasoline and diesel fuel will increase the price of gas in California. Some state lawmakers say it could be up to 76 cents more per gallon at the pump. Everyone from school districts to farmers and Valley families will be affected by the tax. Lawmakers warned consumers about what to expect when they fill up their tanks on January first. At Get-N-Go Mini Mart in ...

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Hey, Defense Department: Focus on ISIS, not Climate Change

... remarked that "Climate extremes in Australia are worrying leaders there." Well, they apparently aren't too worried because the Australian government, recognizing the economic hardship its carbon tax imposed on its families and businesses, decided to repeal it. Military preparedness for changing climates and different circumstances that our armed forces must face is one thing. But to pose ...

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Seattle News and Events | Election 14: Why is Jess Spear the Only

... incorporate it into policy decisions. He's experienced the futility of working from the outside on a policy level himself, having presented data to U.S. Congressmembers advocating for a carbon tax and talking to policymakers on a city level about fossil-fuel divestment. "Climate science has become so politicizedif you look at the amount of money that's spent by the fossil-fuel industry, a ...

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Science Matters: Lets slow down, for the sake of ourselves and our planet - National |
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... in cities around the world. A growing number of business leaders and global organizations, including the World Bank and International Monetary Fund, are calling for carbon pricing throughcarbon taxes or cap-and-trade systems to help address the crisis. Religious leaders, including the Pope and Desmond Tutu, have joined scientists and scientific organizations from every continent to demand ...

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13 countries, Marshall Islands president, made traditional canoes, Newcastle

... erosion. We are losing our coral reefs as temperatures change." Australia's changing stance on climate change is being watched by the world, with it facing criticism for abolishing thecarbon tax, proposing to reduce the Renewable Energy Target and keeping climate change off the G20 agenda. Ms Loeak criticised PM Mr Tony Abbott's absence from the recent UN climate summit in New York, but ...

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Rahall, Jenkins square off in debate in Huntington - Business, Government Legal News from throughout WV

... pro-coal and vote for Nancy Pelosi for speaker of the house six times, who wants to kill coal," Jenkins said to a banquet room of about 200 people. "You cannot be pro-coal and vote for acarbon tax, like Nick Joe Rahall has. I'm telling you folks. These policies are devastating." Rahall said he has been fighting for safety and miners, both of which are under attack. "Our coal miner is the most ...

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Obama's war on coal - Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

... ballot." And so they are. In Louisiana, Arkansas, Alaska and Colorado, broader questions of energy policy have figured prominently in Senate races where Democrats now trail. Concerns about carbon taxes, obstacles to natural gas fracking, Mr. Obama’s Keystone pipeline delays and his reluctance to issue offshore drilling leases have worked against incumbents across the board. There’s ...

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The News Journal | News

... cut carbon emissions. Germany, which used to be the greenest country in Europe, is now importing coal. The Chinese are building coal plants. Just two months ago, Australia repealed itscarbon tax. "This was their version of what the president is trying to do through the EPA," McConnell said. "Even if you thought this is an important cause, nobody else is going to do it. "So for us, it is ...

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Fight of Our Lives | Arts | North Bay Bohemian

... Earth." This forced her to take a hard look at the terrible threats of climate change—and the opportunity to switch to a post-growth economic system, one fueled by renewable energy,carbon taxes, climate debt and polluters-pay legislation. Klein immersed herself in scientific studies about climate change. The birth of her son Toma in 2013 gave the issue even more urgency, she says in ...

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Five things you need to know about Georgia's energy - The Newnan Times-Herald

... making it the seventh most stringent state target in the nation. State leaders, especially commissioners like Chuck Eaton and Stan Wise, have urged the EPA to give Georgia more "carbon credit" for the new nuclear reactors aforementioned. Others have reminded the EPA that our pine forests also deserve credit for helping to mitigate greenhouse gases because of absorption. Expect the ...

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