Directory Category: C.C. Consultants and Project Developers
Location: Spain - Madrid - MADRID
Contact: ALEJANDRO LOPEZ CORTIJO, CEO, Founder partner
Contact E-mail:
Phone: 34915912052
General E-mail:
Address: QUINTANA 28, MADRID, Madrid 28010, Spain
Description: BlacktoGreen leads an energy transition age from hydrocarbons to renwables. She serves consulting to her clients through the whole chain of value around climate change policies and carbon markets. She has also lead REDD and biofuel projects.


Began providing Project Development or Consultation Services in: 1991
Has Provided Project Development Services for: 12 C.C. projects
Project Countries (Development Services): Argentina, Brazil, Gambia, Spain
Has Provided Consulting Services for: 25 C.C. projects
Project Countries (Consulting Services): Mauritania, Senegal, Spain

Project Proponent / Ownership

Is this company a proponent / owner in any of the C.C. Projects for which it provides services? Yes

Number of Projects: 2
Project Countries: Argentina, Gambia