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Top person names mentioned in today's news:

Ed Davey    4 (14.81%)
Owen Paterson    4 (14.81%)
Jane Baird    3 (11.11%)
Russ Marchuk    1 (3.70%)
Delilah Jean William    1 (3.70%)
Goldman Sachs    1 (3.70%)
Thomas Brutnell    1 (3.70%)
Top organization names mentioned in today's news:

European Commission    5 (18.52%)
Intergovernmental Panel On Climate Change    4 (14.81%)
Global Warming Policy Foundation    4 (14.81%)
Department Of Energy    3 (11.11%)
International Energy Agency    3 (11.11%)
Ipcc    3 (11.11%)
Committee On Climate    2 (7.41%)

Below are the top 25 articles of yesterday, ranked in order of their overall potential and actual impact on the global media ecosystem surrounding this topic.

EU pushes back deadlines 2 years in green energy funding scheme | Reuters
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... (Reuters) - European government officials have approved a proposal to delay deadlines for final investment decisions and the operational launch of Europe's first commercial-scale carbon capture and storage plant and 40 renewable energy projects. The measure, proposed by the European Commission following pressure from seven EU member states including Britain, France and Germany, throws a ...

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EU pushes back deadlines 2 years in green energy funding scheme | Energy & Oil | Reuters

... 15 (Reuters) - European government officials have approved a proposal to delay deadlines for final investment decisions and the operational launch of Europe's first commercial-scalecarbon capture and storage plant and 40 renewable energy projects. The measure, proposed by the European Commission following pressure from seven EU member states including Britain, France and Germany, throws a ...

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Ed Davey: Owen Paterson doesn't seem to understand very much about energy policy -16 Oct 2014 - News from BusinessGreen

... on, going green, or doing it in the most affordable way - you have to use all low carbon technologies. You have to use onshore wind, offshore wind, solar, tidal, energy efficiency,carbon capture and storage, nuclear, the whole lot - I don't exclude anything, because I am not ideological. "I think the Prime Minister, I think the Chancellor, I think all those who have thought about this ...

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New discovery will enhance yield and quality of cereal and bioenergy crops -- ScienceDaily

... genomes for a variety of significant crops using model plants. "The regulatory genes that impact photosynthesis are critically important for enhancing growth and yield and improvingcarbon capture in both food and bioenergy crops," said Mockler. ...

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Saskatchewan government publicly posts ministers' travel expenses online - The Globe and Mail

... ministers and staff, CTV Regina reports. The priciest trip was by Economy Minister Bill Boyd, who spent three weeks in China for more than $44,000 while attending a conference on carbon capture technology, and meeting with business leaders. Premier Brad Wall's five days in Charlottetown meeting with other premiers cost more than $20,000. Former Education minister Russ Marchuk's four-da ...

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Nuclear and Wind in the UK to Reduce Pollution | The Energy Collective

... Royce to power British submarines for the past 50 years, but I suspect that other SMR designs would also be considered. Paterson will point out that the often touted technology ofcarbon capture and storage (CCS) does not exist and may never exist in a form that enables affordable power production. Both the existing plan and Paterson's new plan rely heavily on computer driven grid ...

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Rebound Effects and the Value of Efficiency | The Energy Collective

... to the conclusion that we really can't bet the planet on renewables and efficiency alone. A more balanced portfolio is needed, and yes, that means making hard choices about nuclear,carbon capture and storage (CCS), etc But taking rebound seriously doesn't just amount to saying "energy efficiency is imperfect and we can't get the climate job done with efficiency and renewables alone." If ...

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Renewables can supply 100% of world's power by 2050 - The Ecologist

... results of competing assessment approaches." But they tried to consider the whole-life costs of solar power, wind power, hydropower and gas and coal generators that used carbon captureand storage to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. They took into account the demand for aluminium, copper, nickel and steel, metallurgical grade silicon, flat glass, zinc and clinker. They thought ...

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Can Organic Agriculture Really Reverse Climate Change? | Maria Rodale

... roots to feed microorganisms, mostly bacteria and fungi, living in the soil nearby. Microorganisms transform organic matter and soil minerals into plant-available nutrients. 3.Carbon capture. Temporary root sugars and dead organic materials (e.g. plant debris and compost) are eaten by microorganisms and converted into more stable materials to store carbon in the soil for decades to ...

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Coca-Cola Enterprises Joins Group of Companies Urging European Leaders for Unified Action on Climate Change | 3BL Media

... list of signatory companies is: 3M, Acciona, guas de Portugal, Aldersgate Group, Alstom, Barilla, BDEW, Bilfinger Power Systems, BWE, Carbon Markets and Investment Association,Carbon Capture and Storage Association, CEZ, Climate Change Capital, Coca-Cola Enterprises, Dansk Energi, Dong Energy, Doosan Power, DSM, Electricite de France (EDF), Ecover, Eneco, E.On, Eurogas, EURELECTRIC, ...

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SaskPowers Carbon Capture Megaproject: Canadas Energy Saviour or Lipstick on a Pig? - The Epoch Times

... Part of a carbon capture and storage facility is pictured at the Boundary Dam Power Station (background) in Estevan, Sask. on Thursday, October 2, 2014. Saskatchewan's power utility is heralding its carbon capture and storage project, touted as the world's first commercial-scale operation of its kind. But Dale Eisler questions whether it will amount to much. (The Canadian Press/Michael Bell) ...

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Exelon, CB&I, 8 Rivers proceed with carbon capture power plant - Pennenergy

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We Can Do Better: The Unintended Consequences of EPA's "Clean Power Plan"

... prevent essential long-term carbon reductions in the U.S. power sector. Here's why: the rule's main approach to reducing emissions is not renewables, not energy efficiency, not even carbon capture or nuclear, but switching practically overnight from coal to natural gas-fired electricity. This is like a binge diet to lose weight in two weeks (a really bad idea) by switching from donuts to ...

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Global Carbon Capture and Storage Market: Future Reviewed -- DALLAS, October 10, 2014 /PR Newswire UK/ --
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... DALLAS, October 10, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- adds The Future ofCarbon Capture and Storage , a September 2014 market research report of 92 pages to the Environmental category of its online industry intelligence library. Analysis of Carbon Capture and Storage technology costs, concepts, drivers and components, insight relating to the most innovative technologies and potential ...

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The message is clear: Build with carbon - Timber Trades Journal Online

... The UK government has started to make investments from the 1bn pot it has set aside to fundCarbon Capture and Storage (CCS) projects - largely unproven and expensive technology which seeks to lock away CO2 emissions. While I would never argue against the development of new green technology, I would like to see at least a portion of that budget go towards investing in a CCS solution that we ...

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Scientists make carbon capture breakthrough - SWI

... criteria : Note that you can only reproduce articles signed "[journalist]," If you wish to use more articles per week, please feel free to contact us Scientists make carbon capturebreakthrough 13.34.2014 Swiss scientists have contributed to making carbon capture more practical and less energy intensive by combining a powder-like solid material with a liquid mixture to create ...

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Will SaskPowers CO2 capture facility impact your bill? | News Talk 650 CKOM

... Despite the $1.4 billion price tag of the world's first carbon capture and storage power plant at the Boundary Dam outside of Estevan, SaskPower maintains that massive cost won't be passed on to customers. "This will not seriously impact their bills at all," insisted CEO Robert Watson. "Customers' bills will be what they've already been approved (for). We've had approval, a three percent rate ...

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Carbon capture could save the planet, but not without political will

... wind and solar, but that solution may not happen in time to stop the worst ravages of climate change, according to the International Panel on Climate Change. IPCC scientists believe carbon capture and storage CCS, could be a major humanity-saving solution to reducing greenhouse pollution. It is the technology of capturing carbon dioxide and storing it underground or under the ocean. Climate ...

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Carbon capture and storage reality or still a dream?

... Renewable energy is one solution. But given ongoing debate about supplying enough energy for a growing population, and replacing old fossil fuel energy generators, options such ascarbon capture and storage have been hailed as another. Recently the largest carbon capture and storage program yet began operation at SaskPower's Boundary Dam project in Saskatchewan, Canada. The project ...

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Owen Paterson on scrapping the UK's commitment to reducing emissions | Carbon Brief

... including the cost of replacing old plants as they close. To meet emissions reduction targets, the cost rises to 960 billion with cuts coming from nuclear power and as-yet-unproven carbon capture and storage fitted to gas-fired plant. Meeting climate targets using existing renewable technologies too would be more expensive at 1,100 billion, the Mercados study found. So taking this at ...

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Impacts of climate change to now be included in UK's military planning > National News > News | Click Green

... domestic target for emissions reduction of at least 40%. He said the EU plan should ensure that growth reaches all parts of the low carbon landscape and to use renewables, nuclear,carbon capture, energy efficiency and indigenous gas as a bridge to a greener future. "Going low carbon is no longer a 'nice to have' - it is now a necessity," the Energy Secretary warned. "Necessary for the ...

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Owen Patersons speech on abandoning the 2050 climate change targets full text » Spectator Blogs

... would mean building new nuclear at the rate of 1.2GW a year for the next 36 years. Put simply, that's a new Hinkley Point every three years. In addition UK policy requires buildingCarbon Capture and Storage (CCS) plants which take CO2 emissions from gas and coal and buries them in the ground. But these are fuelled by gas or coal at the rate of 1.5GW a year. While nascent, this technology is ...

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A Little Hope, and Some VERY Scary Math About Climate Change | Big Think | Risk: Reason and Reality

... which is highly unlikely, or we have to do more than capture the wind and the sun. Nuclear has to be on the table, although nuclear plants are phenomenally expensive to build. Carbon capture from coal plants has to be on the table too, but that is expensive to build and to run. Other expensive technologies like offshore wind, solar and wind power with storage (so they can provide power ...

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Profit or planet? Global index reveals economic benefits of sustainable business

... scrubbing/stripping operation in a unit which is more compact than traditional packed towers. And thanks to the opposed-jet spray nozzle at the hea... read more The development of carbon capture and storage (CCS) technologies relies on the accurate measurement of carbon dioxide (CO2) in addition to a wide array of other gases because it is vitally important that the process does not impact ...

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Energy boss: Pay for new power stations from general taxation, not from customers' bills - ITV News

... in the mid-2020s. It hasn't been dubbed "the world's most expensive power station" for nothing. I have nothing against nuclear power, indeed other technologies such as carbon capture and storage and renewables will require subsidy. Britain needs low-carbon sources of energy in order to decarbonise its electricity generation to meet targets and the challenge of climate change. ...

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