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Quick summary of yesterday's news:

Total Coverage    25
Total Word Count    16,784
News[VIEW]    25 (100.00%)
Unique News Stories    24
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Top person names mentioned in today's news:

Tony Abbott    5 (20.00%)
Stacy Nichols    2 (8.00%)
Kane Thornton    2 (8.00%)
Georg Kell    2 (8.00%)
Dick Warburton    2 (8.00%)
Erwin Jackson    2 (8.00%)
David Clarke    1 (4.00%)
Top organization names mentioned in today's news:

European Union    5 (20.00%)
United Nations    3 (12.00%)
Climate Institute    2 (8.00%)
Rockefeller Brothers Fund    2 (8.00%)
Clean Energy Council    2 (8.00%)
Recurrent Energy    2 (8.00%)
Renewable Energy    2 (8.00%)

Below are the top 25 articles of yesterday, ranked in order of their overall potential and actual impact on the global media ecosystem surrounding this topic.

BBC News - Australia green energy firms hit by target cuts
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... the sector's peak body, the Clean Energy Council. In July, clean energy solutions provider Pacific Hydro cut its staff by 10%; Hydro Tasmania has said the government's scrapping of the carbon tax would significantly cut into profits, and US company, Recurrent Energy, has reportedly closed its Australian office. The Clean Energy Council says a cut in the RET will kill much of Australia's ...

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The Green Blob Unveiled: How UK Energy Policy is Bought With American Billionaires' Cash

... the memo as a Bill, which later became the Climate Change Act. Her job done, Worthington left the civil service to set up a new lobbying outfit, Sandbag, which lobbies for more stringent carbon taxes. Unsurprisingly, that organisation too has been granted funding from the ECF. At the same time as the Act was passing through parliament, in 2007/8, ECF was also donating to Greenpeace UK, ...

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Get real on renewables

... a reliance on old technology and to harness the economic opportunities presented by cleaner energy sources. The regressive stance adopted by the Coalition is holding Australia back. The carbon tax has been abolished, any move to a carbon emissions market has been deferred indefinitely, and even the government's promised "direct action" is yet to eventuate. One result is uncertainty in the ...

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You Can't Manage What You Don't Measure - Press Release - Digital Journal

... SAN FRANCISCO , Oct. 15, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- The art of calculating and managing your carbon footprint just got easier! TerraPass, a leadingcarbon offset provider, is pleased to launch its new state-of-the art online carbon calculator. They have taken the complex process of calculating your carbon footprint and turned it into a comprehensive, easy and informative customer experience. By ...

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Stanford Roundtable panelists discuss how to improve public understanding of climate change

... which were used in part to help halt deforestation. Those trees, he said, "have taken up 100 million tons of carbon, sequestered at a very reasonable cost." The concept of establishing a carbon tax in the United States was endorsed by panelist George P. Shultz, former secretary of state and currently a Distinguished Fellow at Stanford's Hoover Institution. "Let's put a price on carbon and ...

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Major Milestones and New Look for The Climate Trust - Press Release - Digital Journal

... a quality leader in the carbon market. These milestones come on the heels of the organization's 17-year-Anniversary in June, when The Trust recorded their $10 millionth dollar spent on carbon offsets--reducing the emissions equivalent of over 350,000 cars. The milestone investment went towards purchasing carbon offsets from a forestry conservation property in Maine. Since 1997, The Climate ...

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Rural Equities divests carbon credits, halves Tandou stake to fund dairy conversion | The National Business Review

... Rural Equities, the farming group majority-owned by the Cushing family, sold its carbon credits and halved its stake in Australian agricultural company, Tandou, to fund the dairy conversion of its Eiffelton farm and reduce debt. The Hastings-based company gained $250,000 from the sale of its carbon units at $4.20 apiece, it said in a statement. Reducing its stake in Tandou to 6.35 percent, ...

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Climate change: Carbon trading edges closer as UN brokers deal | News | Eco-Business | Asia Pacific

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CPI shines light on lower electricity bill | SBS News

... may now be cheaper to turn on a light to get a better look at your grocery bill, but you may not be happy with what you see. As widely expected, the Abbott government's scrapping of the carbon tax has resulted in a large drop in electricity prices and helped reduce the annual rate of inflation to its lowest level in a year. But food prices saw the biggest rise in the September quarter, led ...

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Carbon-tax credits frombeach fires? - Letters - Times Colonist

... council is studying allowing beach fires. All the while, British Columbia forces school boards to be carbon-neutral. So school boards are spending scarce education dollars to buy carbon credits to balance any pollution created by running their schools. Now, a city council is considering allowing beach fires that would create unnecessary pollution and greenhouse gases. Am I the only one ...

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Carbon tax is solution to climate change -- Glen Ecklund : Wsj

... terrible that some politicians, such as U.S. Rep. Paul Ryan, have taken an anti-science attitude about it. What they need to be doing is working on solutions, such as a revenue-neutral carbon tax. Studies suggest solving global warming is better for the economy than letting warming continue. One study, by Regional Economic Modeling, Inc., found that a slowly increasing carbon tax, rebated 10 ...

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Business Newswires : euronews : the latest international news as video on demand

... Barclays has settled a lawsuit with London trading firm CF Partners after a judge found that the British bank had misused confidential information during its acquisition of a Swedish carbon trading company. The ruling comes the same week Barclays was hit with a combined $77 million (47.19 million British pound) in fines from British and U.S. regulators as the lender continues to be dogged by ...

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Businesses join climate fight | After years of opposition, big businesses agree to carbon tax

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Kashkari aims to rebrand GOP - The Orange County Register

... Kashkari says he would scrap. He also would abandon the governor's $25 billion plan to build twin tunnels in the Sacramento-San Joaquin delta to ship water to Southern California, rescind carbon taxes that he says drive up energy costs for working families and overhaul the California Environmental Quality Act, which businesses say impedes development. Kashkari seems to approach the campaign ...

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Ian Macfarlane: Coalition is sticking to reduction in renewable energy target | Environment |

... commitment to enacting policies that drive energy prices down. "This past week we have seen very good news for Australian families flowing from the government's decision to scrap the carbon tax," the statement read. "The Bureau of Statistics has reported that households and businesses are benefiting from the largest fall in power prices since records began." The Greens leader, ...

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New EU Deal Promises 40% Emission Reductions By 2030

... — a cap-and-trade system similar to what the U.S. attempted to pass in 2009 — which itself will require some updates to fulfill that role. The deal would also extend a "cap and trade approach" to sectors like agriculture, buildings, and transport which have so far fallen outside the jurisdiction of the ETS. Related: Innovation Needed To Provide Zero-Carbon Destination For Gas ...

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New Renewable Energy Policy seeks Industry Certainty

... At the same time, the party proposes Australia's emissions reductions targets will increase to a 15% reduction on 2000 levels by 2020, compared with the current 5% commitment, and a cap and trade emissions trading system will be reintroduced. Additional funding will be also made available to early stage research and development and deploying pilot projects, as well as providing better ...

(341 words by - Clean technology fastest growing sector of Canadian economy

... including renewable energy, water treatment, green building and development of environmentally friendly consumer products. Many experts argue that putting a price on carbon, through carbon taxes or cap-and-trade, is a good way to stimulate clean-tech, by targeting greenhouse gas emitters and encouraging technologies and measures aimed at energy conservation and renewables. But we could ...

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Debunking the myth of Gough Whitlam's economic incompetence

... should be left to private markets. Dealing with global warming will involve increases in public spending on human as well as physical capital, financed by higher levels of taxes including carbon taxes and public borrowing managed by open and ethical government. This is more consistent with Labor's social democratic ideology. Unfortunately, Labor has moved a long way from the beliefs that ...

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Abbott puts GST hike on the table

... "It needs to resemble the kind of measured debate that we can have over national security or about indigenous recognition rather than the debate we’ve had over the budget or the carbon tax – because reforming the federation is not something that one person, one party or one parliament can determine alone," he said. While the Prime Minister canvassed a number of possible ...

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Get serious about fullcosts of natural gas - Letters - Times Colonist

... the technology, the company or the government? If the company, does the government give the technology money back to the company to fix their own shortcomings? Not a great deal! The carbon offsets and technology fund gives too much room for playing games: how much to charge, who gets the fund and develops the technology, how long will it take, might the reduction of Asian coal be used as an ...

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Vanuatu deputy Prime Minister Jumps into the Sea to Protest Lack of Ambition and Insufficient International Climate Action - Vanuatu - News - Islands Business magazine

... office in protest for not joining the Kyoto protocol at all. The Australian High Commission was absent from the protest as youth activists blasted their largest neighbor for repealing the carbon tax in favor of economic prosperity. The deputy Prime Minister Lini jumped into the sea holding the branch of the coconut palm, a tree he referred to as the tree of life for ni-Vanuatu people, and ...

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WindAction | Tilting at windmills: the blowhard debate over new wind farms

... subject to if emissions targets are missed. "If he has a solution [apart from renewables investment] to offset those fines, I'd like to hear it," said Mullins. McCarthy proposes more carbon taxes to control emissions. The Economic and Social Research Institute (ESRI) last week produced an analysis of Irish energy policy. It agrees with McCarthy that there is excess capacity, but says ...

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U.S. Tar Sands Action: Reports from the Front Lines in Utah | DeSmogBlog

... sales opportunities at refineriesthe Utah activists are slowing down extraction and making it more expensive for companies to dig tar sands out of Eastern Utah. This is the people-powered carbon tax at work. ...

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