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Top person names mentioned in today's news:

David Tulauskas    8 (12.31%)
Mathias Cormann    7 (10.77%)
Tony Abbott    7 (10.77%)
Tom Kennedy    6 (9.23%)
Kieran Donoghue    4 (6.15%)
Angus Duncan    4 (6.15%)
Karen Winsbury    4 (6.15%)
Top organization names mentioned in today's news:

Australian Bureau Of Statistics    10 (15.38%)
Bonneville Environmental Foundation    7 (10.77%)
Portland State University    7 (10.77%)
Climate Neutral Business Network    7 (10.77%)
Rochester Institute Of Technology    5 (7.69%)
United Nations    5 (7.69%)
Energy Supply Association Of Australia    4 (6.15%)

Below are the top 25 articles of yesterday, ranked in order of their overall potential and actual impact on the global media ecosystem surrounding this topic.

China readies legal framework for carbon market, hefty fines possible | Reuters

... BEIJING Oct 23 (Reuters) - China is planning hefty fines for companies that fail to comply with the rules of its national carbon trading market but has yet to decide how to set emission caps for big polluters, according to a draft government document seen by Reuters. The world's biggest emitter of greenhouse gases plans to launch a national emissions trading scheme in 2016 in a bid to reduce ...

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Lawmaker proposes carbon trading to tackle climate change in Australia | Reuters

... key proposals is creating a legal framework meant to ensure Australia's biggest emitters would meet emission baselines set by the government, for example by making violators buy carbon credits, either domestic or international. Xenophon proposed Australia could set aside up to A$500 million ($440 mln) to buy international carbon credits issued by the United Nations. The cheap U.N. ...

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The Climate Is Changing | Tony Calandro

... Sprint. Last month, the organization released its first report titled, "The Climate has Changed." Among its recommendations are specific public policy goals--including the enactment of a carbon tax. Companies are calculating carbon costs More than 150 corporations have filed information to the CDP that indicates that they have already determined an internal cost of carbon. These companies ...

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Innovation Earth: The Next Green Tech Town | Jennifer Grayson

... cities, which seem unfazed by politics and focused only on the realities ahead. Chicago is planting trees for a warming Midwestern climate. Phoenix is rethinking its sprawl. Boulder has a carbon tax. San Francisco has mandated food composting. My hometown of Los Angeles now requires all new and refurbished homes to have 'cool roofs. (Disclosure: I advise the organization that helped promote ...

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Will Our Reliance on Cars Counteract Climate Change Mitigation Efforts? | Rosaly Byrd

... km2, emitting 7.5 tons of CO2 per person. Investing in public transportation can also support other efforts to reduce emissions. For example, a recent World Bank study found that a fuel or carbon tax is twice as effective when accompanied with investment in public transportation. Intuitively it makes sense-- if it was convenient to take public transportation people wouldn't need to drive, ...

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What Makes a Quality Carbon Offset

... When critics want to show that carbon offset programs don't work, they'll often point at Coldplay's first carbon offset investment. In 2002, the British rock band announced that to offset the environmental impact of their second successful album, a Rush of Blood to the Head , they planned to plant several thousand mango trees in southern India. The announcement was well received: Not only did ...

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B.C. Liberals pull plug on key part of climate-change strategy - The Globe and Mail

... Mary Polak introduced on Monday sets out a benchmark for GHG emissions from any new liquefied natural gas facilities that may be built in B.C. At the same time, it would repeal the Cap and Trade Act, which was part of the government's Climate Action Plan rolled out six years ago. "We've been looking for other jurisdictions to place a price on carbon; it's very clear that cap and trade ...

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Lateline - 22/10/2014: Labor rejects forty per cent reduction in RET

... prices and the Government learnt today it's already had some success in that area. Inflation figures are showing they've fallen by five per cent in the last quarter after the repeal of the carbon tax. It's a significant result, but one that fell short of the nine per cent fall forecast by Treasury. Tom Iggulden, Lateline. Do you have a comment or a story idea? Get in touch with the Lateline ...

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PM - Labor dismisses Govt's new 'real 20 per cent' clean energy target as a 'fraud' 22/10/2014

... This is a common sense solution. It maintains a 20 per cent target. It exempts those industries which are under pressure and any relief we can give them. We've gotten rid of the carbon tax, if we can get rid of the cost of renewable energy then they are more competitive and those jobs are preserved, they are blue collar jobs and I would expect the Labor Party to be concerned about ...

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Greens Licking Their Lips Over Carbon Tax Revenues

... by ExpressionEngine A recent blog post on Sightline , an environmental blog in the Northwest, celebrated the gusher of dependable revenue to Washington State flowing from a steep carbon tax. The post showcases just why a carbon tax is a dangerous policy. As we at IER have been warning for years, the advocates of a carbon tax are fooling themselves if they think it will be calibrated to ...

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CPI shines light on lower electricity bill
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... may now be cheaper to turn on a light to get a better look at your grocery bill, but you may not be happy with what you see. As widely expected, the Abbott government's scrapping of the carbon tax has resulted in a large drop in electricity prices and helped reduce the annual rate of inflation to its lowest level in a year. But food prices saw the biggest rise in the September quarter, led ...

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Fact-checking the Michigan Senate race

... 2009. No Michigan jobs were at stake because no Michigan companies competed for this highly specialized work. Full story: "Jackpot Ad Is a Loser," Sept. 25 Claim: Peters backed "carbon taxes" that would have "killed up to 96,000 Michigan jobs." Facts: Peters didn't support a carbon tax. Rather, he supported cap-and-trade legislation that independent analyses said would cause a ...

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2 Senate Democrats explore how to protect coal jobs and the environment - LA Times

... such as the Environmental Protection Agency's move to increase vehicle gas mileage and cut power plant emissions. But many economists and climate experts contend bolder steps, such as a carbon tax, are needed to make the deepest emissions cuts, and they require congressional action. "The president and his team, we're squeezing everything we can out of that authority," said Todd Stern, the ...

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Consumer prices up 0.5% as fruit prices surge

... year-on-year in the June quarter. Economists had speculated that the quarter's CPI would be influenced by lower petrol and fruit and vegetable prices, plus the impact of scrapping the carbon tax. The ABS said the removal of the tax had been the main factor in a 5 per cent drop in the cost of electricity. However, the price of fruit surged nearly 15 per cent, partly because of the weaker ...

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Colder winter lifts AGL earnings
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... Macquarie Generation The range given by AGL is modestly below the estimate published by Merrill Lynch last week of between $595 million and $645 million. AGL said the removal of the carbon tax, the closure of an LPG extraction plant at Kurnell, the expected sale of its coal seam gas assets at Moranbah in Queensland and the continued "softness" in customer demand would also impact profit ...

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Carbon tax axe aiding economy: Cormann
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... quarter, which helped lower the annual rate to 2.3 per cent from 3.0 per cent three months earlier. It was the first official inflation reading since the Abbott government scrapped the carbon tax. The Australian Bureau of Statistics said a 5.1 per cent drop in electricity prices was a key factor in the quarterly result. Senator Cormann, standing in for Treasurer Joe Hockey who is in China, ...

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Australian Renewable Energy Industry In Hot Water | CleanTechnica

... Joe Hockey, and the Liberal Government in general over environmental and energy issues since day one. And Mr Abbott has done nothing to quieten their judgement scrapping the country's carbon tax, appointing climate sceptics to review Australia's Renewable Energy Target, specifically asking the head of the review to investigate abolishing the RET, and receiving in return a Review which ...

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Boston University Reaches 2020 Greenhouse Gas Reduction Goal Six Years Early | Justmeans

... early. In recognition of this achievement, BU is selling some of its 2012 carbon reductions through the Chevrolet Campus Clean Energy Campaign. Chevy will purchase the University's carbon credits and permanently retire them, furthering the company's voluntary effort to retire carbon reductions across America for the benefit of the climate. BU is also announcing today that it has doubled ...

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Carbon tax cut making a smaller impact
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... than the 15.3 per cent rise in power prices when the tax was introduced in the September quarter of 2012. JP Morgan economist Tom Kennedy said it was surprising that the removal of the carbon tax didn't have a bigger impact on pushing inflation lower. "Electricity was a little bit better than we had expected, it fell five per cent but we were looking for a larger decline than that, mainly ...

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Activists descend on AGL meeting
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... faces a $156 million charge against its net profit in relation to the recent acquisition of Macquarie Generation. AGL said its underlying profit would be affected by the abolition of the carbon tax and the closure of its LPG plant in Sydney. It is also banking on a return to "more normal" winter weather in July and August, following a warmer-than-usual winter in 2014. AGL has previously ...

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B.C. unveils liquefied natural gas tax framework - Lexology

... of carbon dioxide (CO2e) for each tonne of LNG produced. LNG export facilities will have the flexibility to meet the benchmark either through improving energy efficiency, purchasing carbon offsets or by investing in a technology fund at a rate of $25 per tonne of CO2e. An LNG Environmental Incentive Program will also be introduced that will provide escalating incentives to help mitigate ...

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Consumers, businesses still not spending

... expected to continue on a downward track over 2015, importing firms are likely to experience renewed pressure from purchase costs," Mr Oster said. "However, for now, the removal of the carbon tax and lower energy costs are providing some relief for firms." ...

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The Breakthrough Institute - The Public Square 

... innovation in "hard" energy technologies -- were virtually ignored as part of national debate during the period 2007 to 2010. Instead, environmentalists and their allies pushed to pass cap and trade legislation and a binding international treaty; strategies designed to put a price on carbon and promote solar, wind, and energy efficiency as solutions. The recent shift to include a broader menu ...

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B.C.'s LNG emissions law greenest, cleanest in the world: environment minister

... Tuesday's expected introduction of the government's LNG income-tax legislation. "In terms of looking at all of the costs that we incur, our industry is going to be paying the LNG tax, the carbon tax, purchasing carbon offsets, paying royalties, PST, GST, payroll taxes, municipal taxes and corporate income taxes at both the federal and provincial levels," Keane said. Merran Smith, director of ...

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LNG tax regime wins applause in Calgary

... province said it still expects to collect nearly $800 million per year in taxes for a medium-sized plant, starting in the first year of production, thanks to corporate, fuel, property and carbon taxes, plus royalties on natural gas. With files from Deborah Yedlin, Calgary Herald ...

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Electricity Companies Didn't Pass On Full Benefit Of Carbon Tax Repeal To Aussie Consumers - International Business Times

... Prime Minister Tony Abbott may have won votes when as Opposition leader he promised to repeal the carbon tax pushed by then PM Julia Gillard . While he succeeded in repealing the measure after the coalition got the majority in the September 2013 federal election, Aussie voters now appear to get the short end of his electoral promise. Reuters A steam-electric power station of the Public ...

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Vaughn Palmer: LNG goodies, incentives dent Liberals' vaunted Prosperity Fund

... terminal would be facing. The balance of the projected provincial revenues for an LNG terminal would be derived from natural gas royalties, the provincial sales tax, property taxes, the carbon tax and the provincial share of corporate income taxes. The finance minister would also appear to be joining the industry in seeking relief from federal taxes. The LNG Developers Alliance, a newly ...

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