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Top person names mentioned in today's news:

Tony Abbott    4 (14.81%)
Christine Milne    4 (14.81%)
Jeremy Tamanini    3 (11.11%)
Alfredo Parra    2 (7.41%)
Al Gore    2 (7.41%)
Barry Munro    2 (7.41%)
David Keane    2 (7.41%)
Top organization names mentioned in today's news:

Department Of The Environment    3 (11.11%)
Cornell University    3 (11.11%)
International Energy Agency    3 (11.11%)
Yale University    3 (11.11%)
Sierra Club    2 (7.41%)
Canadian Oil    2 (7.41%)
Holdings Inc    1 (3.70%)

Below are the top 25 articles of yesterday, ranked in order of their overall potential and actual impact on the global media ecosystem surrounding this topic.

UPDATE 1-British Columbia to unveil details of new LNG tax this week | Reuters

... Woodfibre LNG is expected to decide on a smaller project in early 2015. Proponents are looking beyond just the new LNG tax to other provincial and federal taxes, as well as carbon taxes, property taxes and levy payments to aboriginal communities, said David Keane, head of the B.C. LNG Alliance, an industry group representing six of the more advanced projects. British Columbia ...

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New questions as oil prices drop Judge orders miners back to work Russia, Ukraine reach gas deal, Poroshenko says - POLITICO Morning Energy -

... Evan Jenkins hitting Rep. Nick Rahall on coal issues are "highly misleading," says. One spot says that West Virginia electricity prices spiked after Rahall voted for a carbon tax budget resolution. "But the budget plan failed; no tax was ever implemented; and the 23.2 percent rate increase mentioned in one ad has nothing to do with a carbon tax." Another spot says Rahall ...

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Impractical greens fill policy vacuum created by weak-kneed state governments

... the resource sector must not go unanswered. As for Bill Shorten, he will eventually realise that the political reality is that he can't go on attacking the resources sector with another carbon tax (however described), nor remain attached like a limpet to the greens. Apart from a kamikaze policy at the next election, his only options are to await international consensus (highly unlikely) or ...

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Green Economy Index 2014: Australia ranked last for leadership
(3 Additional Articles)

... a handful of countries including Japan, the Netherlands and the US that gets more credit for its green economic performance than it deserves. However, it also noted the debate about the carbon tax had "thrust the country into the international spotlight", which would perhaps bring Australia's international reputation more into alignment with its actual green economic performance. Opposition ...

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Keystone XL Owner TransCanada Receives Top Climate Ranking In Sparse Energy Field | ThinkProgress

... targets, one for 2018 as part of the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI), the first market-based carbon regulatory program in the U.S., and another in 2020 as part of Quebec's cap and trade scheme. The report states that the five "A List" companies Essar Oil, S-Oil Corporation, Spectra Energy Corp, Solstad Offshore, and TransCanada considered the biggest business risk to be ...

(891 words by

Peabody Energy's (BTU) CEO Gregory Boyce on Q3 2014 Results - Earnings Call Transcript | Seeking Alpha

... of met versus thermal will have an impact as well. And then we will look to offset those inflationary costs where we can with productivity improvements. You'll recall we don't have the carbon tax in 2015 which we had this year. That's about $1 a ton benefit. And then we'll really look to see to get the annualized benefit of our cost containment activities in '15 that arose in '14 and we'll ...

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Chilean Congress approves legislation to introduce carbon tax and green taxes - Lexology

(806 words by

Small Businesses to Save 10% w/End of Aussie Carbon Tax | FrontPage Magazine

... They used to use Australia as their example. Now they're shut up about Australia after even Aussie Labor has dumped the carbon tax. Now they're suddenly urging the United States to be just like British Columbia. Meanwhile Australian small businesses under the Abbot government will be seeing sizable savings from the loss of the Greens. Small to medium sized businesses can expect savings on ...

(210 words by

Chilean Congress Approves Legislation To Introduce Carbon Tax And Green Taxes - Environment - Chile

(1059 words by

Washington Gas Energy Services And Sterling Planet Present More Than $11,000 To Pennsylvania Environmental Council At Abington Friends School Tree Planting

... square feet of stream buffer along 500 feet of Jenkintown Creek, preventing pollution and runoff into the water. The trees will also absorb carbon dioxide from the air. "The WGES PA Carbon Offsets product improves the local environment while offering residential and commercial customers the option to reduce their carbon footprints," said Laura Pagliarulo, Manager, Green Products, Washington ...

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No, A Carbon Tax Cannot Create Jobs, Jobs, Jobs | Somewhat Reasonable

... emissions would destroy far more jobs - and wealth - than it would create, despite the well-intentioned hopes of contributor James Conca. In a article titled "Can A Carbon Tax Create Jobs, Jobs, Jobs," Conca argued a carbon dioxide tax would result in a net increase in jobs if the tax revenues were spent wisely. Key to this hopeful prognosis, Conca asserted, is the ...

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Transperth to change fares climate

... advantage of a free day of public transport. Minister for Transport, Dean Nalder said Transperth fares would be reduced from 1 November following Federal Parliament's repeal of the carbon tax and the free day of travel would be offered to compensate for fares charged at a higher rate before the change is implemented. He said removing the carbon tax would see the cost of some fares ...

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$50+ a tonne carbon tax - coming to a government near you - soon

... $50+ a tonne carbon tax - coming to a government near you - soon Forget global processes, taxing emissions unilaterally makes sense for governments and citizens alike argues World Bank research. We all know that the climate pace is quickening - with the UN focusing on sustainability this December and climate change and the COP process in Paris 2015 meant to culminate in a global emissions ...

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Budget a tax on Hume: Report | Goulburn Post

... Centre. The findings of the report, released on Friday, show the estimated financial impact of Joe Hockey's May budget on every Australian electorate by the year 2017. Removal of the carbon tax and the scrapping of the school kids income bonus were taken into account when tabling results. Outcomes were reached by breaking down and applying each of the government's budget saving measures. ...

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Follow the money and you'll see how profitable global warming is - News - The CantonRep - Canton, OH

... from taxes on carbon emissions. Throw political correctness into the mix, and you have a real battle royal. Another money thought: Former Vice President Al Gore imagined a market for carbon credits and carbon offsets that would be traded on an exchange, similar to a stock exchange — another money-making scheme. Finally, there is no consensus in scientific truth; it either is or is not ...

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3rd EmiratesGBC Congress commences on high note with UAE Ministry of Public Works extending support to promote green buildings |

... opportunities and challenges in driving sustainable development. The Congress is a carbon-neutral event, with MyClimate Foundation, one of the world's leading providers of voluntary carbon offsetting measures, to offset the carbon generated through its international project portfolio of gold standard certified projects. Among the highlights of the opening day included a keynote address by ...

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Gas price hike to be felt by manufacturers | Food Magazine

... Australia that its next gas contract will involve a gas price increase that could be as much as 100 percent. Passing through costs will be hard, as Kagome Australia discovered when the carbon tax added around $500,000 to their annual operating costs, just as imports from places such as California became more competitive. Alternative energy sources such as coal are cheap but produce ...

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EPA 'clean power rule' will hurt economy

... on the Crow Indian Reservation alone would "skyrocket from 47 percent to 80 percent" without coal revenue. These new rules would require Montana to either join an expensive regional "cap and trade" program, compel coal plants to buy expensive retrofitting equipment, or force them to shut down. All of these options are bad. Each of them impose new costs on energy producers which will be passed ...

(781 words by Letter: A Carbon Tax Is The Key To A Renewable Energy Future

... suit. Meanwhile, domestic consumers of energy would be compensated in full or in part - depending on their lifestyle - for the increasing cost of energy by receiving the proceeds of the carbon tax. Retraining programs will make former fossil industry workers marketable for the new clean and green jobs. A recent study by the well-respected Regional Economic Models Inc. has determined that ...

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The Fifth Estate | Australia bombs in Global Green Economy Index

... was unsurprising. "This is not in the least bit surprising given Tony Abbott's vocal opposition to clean energy, his mendacious scare campaigns against the Renewable Energy Target and carbon tax and his refusal to attend the UN Climate Summit in September or include climate change on the G20 agenda," Mr Butler said. "This latest report condemning Australia's clean energy performance is ...

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Houston Food Bank To Serve Thousands Of Solar-Powered Meals With Renewable Energy Installation

... the mission to "change the way power is made." Green Mountain offers consumers and businesses the choice of cleaner electricity products from renewable sources, as well as a variety of carbon offset products and sustainable solutions for businesses. One of Green Mountain’s largest customers is the "world’s most famous office building," the Empire State Building in New York City. ...

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Emission limits set for B.C. LNG producers - Alberni Valley News

... gas. Environment Minister Mary Polak introduced legislation Monday to set limits for greenhouse gas and conventional air pollution. It includes an option for LNG producers to buy carbon offsets or contribute to a "technology fund" if their operations exceed greenhouse gas limits. Polak said the system will permit LNG development without exceeding the government's greenhouse gas target ...

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BC set to unveil LNG tax details

... Woodfibre LNG is expected to decide on a smaller project in early 2015. Proponents are looking beyond just the new LNG tax to other provincial and federal taxes, as well as carbon taxes, property taxes and levy payments to aboriginal communities, said David Keane, head of the BC LNG Alliance, an industry group representing six of the more advanced projects. British Columbia on ...

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New Report Details Human Rights Violations Surrounding Ex-Im Bank-Financed Coal Plant

... fact finding mission to Sasan earlier this year. "Despite the shocking evidence presented in the fact finding report, the Sasan coal power project remains registered with the UN's carbon offsetting mechanism designed to reduce emissions and contribute to sustainable development. The findings of this report need to be addressed in the upcoming climate change conference in Lima," said Eva ...

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The Jargonaut: REDD All Over? | OnEarth Magazine

... paperwork. The REDD carrot may work on an international level as well. Developed countries could pay developing countries to maintain existing forests, and receive in return a carbon credit that would offset their own substantial carbon emissions. Carrots, of course, come with their own caveats. Even the Science paper urging positive incentives in Brazil conceded that the programs ...

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