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Top person names mentioned in today's news:

Tony Abbott    7 (14.89%)
Paul Ryan    4 (8.51%)
Barack Obama    4 (8.51%)
John Kerry    2 (4.26%)
Obamacare Ryan    2 (4.26%)
Evan Jenkins    2 (4.26%)
Shinji Kawai    2 (4.26%)
Top organization names mentioned in today's news:

Google    3 (6.38%)
International Monetary Fund    3 (6.38%)
European Union    3 (6.38%)
World Bank    3 (6.38%)
Energy Information Administration    2 (4.26%)
Department Of Energy    2 (4.26%)
Cornell University    2 (4.26%)

Below are the top 25 articles of yesterday, ranked in order of their overall potential and actual impact on the global media ecosystem surrounding this topic.

BBC News - Regulator to tackle scam artists with crime proceeds

... Leicester, Northern Ireland and Bristol leading the list of worst affected areas. Investors face high-pressure selling over the phone from swindlers offering shares, land, carbon credits and rare-earth metals. Typically, they emphasise that time is limited or dangle bonuses or discounts to persuade their victims to part with savings. 'Ruthless' Older people are targeted ...

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BBC World News - HARDtalk, Joe Hockey, 'No carbon tax for Australia'

... Australian Treasury Minister Joe Hockey about his government's record, and whether targets on reducing greenhouse gas emissions are really going far enough? Is the reintroduction of acarbon tax part of the solution, and to what extent has the international community failed to make progress? This page is best viewed in an up-to-date web browser with style sheets (CSS) enabled. While you ...

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McConnell, Grimes trade barbs on coal, climate change Super PAC drops $1.2 million on anti-Grimes coal ad - POLITICO Morning Energy -

... Should the U.S. take a leadership position on climate change? McConnell said that some other nations aren’t making massive steps to combat climate change, noting Australia’s carbon taxrepeal and China’s growing energy demands. Asked if the U.S. should lead the world on this issue, he responded: "Well the president has been trying to take a leadership position, but of course ...

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(When) Will the U.S. Take a Stand for Climate Justice? - Yahoo News

... climate agreement. President Obama promised bigger cuts to carbon emissions at the U.N. Climate Summit last month, but the Senate scuttled the emissions trading scheme known as cap and trade during the president's first term. Because the U.S. Constitution requires a two-thirds Senate majority to ratify international treaties, it's unclear what the presidentor his successorcan do to help ...

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Wonkbook: Lessons from the second U.S. Ebola case - The Washington Post

... and nastier emissions than other fuel sources, the black rock has landed on the blacklist of regulators and public health officials. The prospect of higher environmental standards and acarbon tax is posing an existential threat to the industry. One solution would be to capture and store all the gross byproducts of burning coal. That promise is now a reality: Earlier this month, a Canadian ...

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Xenophon proposes amendments to direct action legislation - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

... Xenophon proposes amendments to direct action legislation Updated October 08, 2014 11:18:00 The Federal Government could be a step closer to getting its carbon tax replacement through the Senate. Independent Senator Nick Xenophon has released a range of proposed amendments to the Coalition's direct action legislation, which he says the Government ought to be able to live with. The ...

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Pacific Climate Warriors in Australia to protest coal industry - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

... We are losing our coral reefs as temperatures change," he said. Australia's changing stance on climate change is being watched by the world, with it facing criticism for abolishing the carbon tax, proposing to reduce the Renewable Energy Target and keeping climate change off the G20 agenda. Ms Loeak criticised Prime Minister Tony Abbott's absence from the recent UN climate summit in New ...

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NDP says quality, affordable child care just an election away - Politics - CBC News

... cancel the child tax benefit. In response to a query from CBC News, Prime Minister's Office spokesman Jason MacDonald also wondered how the NDP would pay for its proposed program. "Carbon tax?" he asked. The government brought in the child-care tax benefit "to give parents choice in the type of child care that works best for their family," MacDonald noted. "It helps support over two ...

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Should the feds bail out coal miners? | Grist

... universal basic income? Even many conservatives are coming around behind the idea, as it's a way of helping the poor with minimal government bureaucracy or paternalism. Why not institute acarbon tax and use part of the revenue to send checks to poor people? And while I'm dreaming, why not get rid of America's monstrous, Rube Goldberg healthcare system and replace it with single-payer? All ...

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A place with the population of West Virginia just powered a work day entirely on clean energy | Grist

... target, having already defunded several government agencies responsible for the country's climate change policies. In July, Australia became the world's first developed nation to repeal acarbon tax. All of that policy uncertainty is having an impact on the renewable energy sector in Australia. Investment has virtually frozen in a land famous for being bathed in sun. Recent data from ...

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Carbon Revenue Savings and Spending Issues | The Energy Collective

... Debates over carbon pricing policies tend to focus on the costs imposed on firms and households. When a carbon tax or cap and trade program is introduced, firms see energy-related operating costs rise, drivers pay (cents) more at the pump, households see the prices of energy - and energy-intensive goods - tick up. On the flip side, in addition to reducing harmful emissions, these policies ...

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Fact-checking the North Carolina Senate race

... has cut into classroom spending even though education spending has increased. Full Story: "Tillis: An Education Budget Backer or Hacker?," Sept. 11 Claim: Hagan "supported a carbon tax" that would destroy "up to 67,000 jobs in North Carolina over the next ten years." Facts: Congress has never voted on a specific carbon tax proposal. Both the Tillis camp and the American Energy ...

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Marubeni gives Glencore, Rio tie-up the thumbs down
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... about the attractiveness of Australia as an investment decision, Mr Kawai said he did not like to see rapid change in policy settings, such as the recent ructions over mining taxes and the carbon tax. "Stability is very important I think," he said. But he said Marubeni was keen to invest in gas projects in Australia if an attractive project could be found. Citi have forecast coal to move ...

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Australian Prime Minister Says Coal Is: Good For Humanity | ThinkProgress

... on record that "the climate change argument is absolute crap." His position has not evolved much since he became Prime Minister. On taking office, Abbott made the repeal of Australia'scarbon tax his "top legislative priority," a goal which he achieved in July. Abbott has also significantly cut funding for the Australian Renewable Energy Agency, putting 190 renewable projects at risk. ...

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Joint Committee's report on energy tax incentives misses the mark on green jobs - Lexology

... solar and wind industries. Nonetheless, the report makes other interesting points about policy and economics. Below are some key excerpts: Social Theory of Tax Subsidies Merits of a Carbon Tax Efficiency of Existing Production Tax Credits Solar is missing from this analysis. However, since the analysis considers the "production tax credits" whereby a tax credit is generated by ...

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Gas prices in California could fall 30 cents by Christmas - San Jose Mercury News

... THE RECORD STRAIGHT (publ. 10/13/2014, page A4) An earlier verison of a story on gasoline prices incorrectly referred to a change in California's cap-and-trade regulations as "a new carbon tax on fuels." Starting Jan. 1, transportation fuels will be included under the state's cap-and-trade regulations, requiring producers of fuels like gasoline to purchase permits for the emissions they ...

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Thousands of trees to be planted in Oakland with funds from California's first cap and trade program - Local: In Oakland

... For the first time, Oakland will receive funding for environmental projects from California's eighteen-month-old cap and trade program, which has already generated $872 million in state revenue. The advocacy group Urban Releaf is expecting to receive $1 million from the fund, which it will use to plant thousands of new trees in West Oakland. "It's the first time California is stepping up, ...

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Renewable Choice Energy to Exhibit at Greenbuild 2014 in New Orleans

... visit the Renewable Choice booth at the conference, held this year in New Orleans, October 22-24. About Renewable Choice Renewable Choice Energy is a leading provider of green power,carbon offsets, sustainability consulting, and renewable energy advisory services. Recognized as a trusted partner to numerous major brands Renewable Choice was the recipient of the prestigious Green Power ...

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Ecosystem Marketplace - Ghost Of Milton Friedman Materializes In Chicago, Endorses A Price On Carbon

... asks the professors what they think to the anti-tax rhetoric that’s become dogma in his own party – specifically, he brings up Texas Governor Rick Perry’s dismissal of a carbon tax because it would raise energy rates. Greenstone says the governor was probably correct, but that doesn’t make him morally right – because greenhouse gasses are "sprinkling around ...

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The Battle for Climate Justice Gets Some Drama, and a Six-legged Frog | The Indypendent

... give up." After the play, Hansen gave a speech followed by a question-and-answer session with the audience, in which he discussed possible solutions to global warming. Hansen said the cap and trade system, which sets a limit on certain pollutants in the Unites States, was ineffective and "hokey." As he has advocated for in the past, he said the better strategy would be to impose a carbon fee, ...

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Carbon offset marketplace begins to emerge - Local - Comox Valley Echo

... into the electric market and restoring eel grass along the estuary are just some of the projects that the Comox Valley Regional District wants to take a closer look at as it develops a carbon offset marketplace. On Oct. 7 during their regularly scheduled Committee of the Whole meeting directors agreed in principle to spend $20,000 of previously earmarked funds, to examine which greenhouse gas ...

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Vista Establishes Carbon Credit Portfolio - Power Engineering International

... - Oct 14, 2014) - Vista International Technologies, Inc. ( OTCQB : VVIT ), a pioneer in efficient Waste-to-Energy technology, is pleased to announce the recent completion of its Carbon CreditProject Design Documentation (PDD), thereby establishing a portfolio of carbon credits for the Company.According to the VCS (Voluntary Carbon Standard) methodologies, a single Vista municipal solid ...

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Theres One Industry That Deserves a Carbon Tax, But No One is Talking About it | One Green Planet

... The premise behind a carbon tax is pretty straightforward. If you (or your company) wish to dump pollution into the environment, then you will be taxed for doing so. The idea behind this tax is to deter companies from removing more fossil fuels from the earth, to feed a never ending demand for energy, but to look for alternative energy methods that are less harmful to the planet and all its ...

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No, A Carbon Tax Cannot Create Jobs, Jobs, Jobs | Heartlander Magazine

... emissions would destroy far more jobs - and wealth - than it would create, despite the well-intentioned hopes of contributor James Conca. In a article titled "Can ACarbon Tax Create Jobs, Jobs, Jobs," Conca argued a carbon dioxide tax would result in a net increase in jobs if the tax revenues were spent wisely. Key to this hopeful prognosis, Conca asserted, is the ...

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Carbon capture and CO2: How North American companies are entering a low-carbon future.

... and nastier emissions than other fuel sources, the black rock has landed on the blacklist of regulators and public health officials. The prospect of higher environmental standards and acarbon tax is posing an existential threat to the industry. One solution would be to capture and store all the gross byproducts of burning coal. That promise is now a reality: Earlier this month, a ...

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$50+ a tonne carbon tax - coming to a government near you - soon

... $50+ a tonne carbon tax - coming to a government near you - soon Forget global processes, taxing emissions unilaterally makes sense for governments and citizens alike argues World Bank research. We all know that the climate pace is quickening - with the UN focusing on sustainability this December and climate change and the COP process in Paris 2015 meant to culminate in a global emissions ...

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Can Climate Change Unite the Left? |

... paychecks and shareholder pockets and how do we do it soon, before the companies are significantly less profitable or out of business because we have moved to a new energy system? A steep carbon tax would be a straightforward way to get a piece of the profits, as long as it contained a generous redistributive mechanism a tax cut or income credit that compensated poor and middle-class ...

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