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At-A-Glance Vitals
Quick summary of yesterday's news:

Total Coverage    38
Total Word Count    29,183
News [VIEW]    38 (100.00%)
Unique News Stories    33
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Top person names mentioned in today's news:

Tony Abbott    10 (26.32%)
John Connor    5 (13.16%)
Angela Merkel    5 (13.16%)
Christiana Figueres    5 (13.16%)
Barack Obama    4 (10.53%)
Amanda Saunders    4 (10.53%)
Frank Jotzo    4 (10.53%)
Top organization names mentioned in today's news:

United Nations    6 (15.79%)
Climate Institute    5 (13.16%)
Mitsubishi    5 (13.16%)
World Bank    4 (10.53%)
Consumer Commission    3 (7.89%)
Energy Users Association Of Australia    2 (5.26%)
Google    2 (5.26%)
Top cities worldwide mentioned in today's news:

Copenhagen, KใธAvn*, Denmark    6 (15.79%)
Beijing, Beijing, China    5 (13.16%)
Fairfax, New South Wales, Australia    5 (13.16%)
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia    4 (10.53%)
Charleston, West Virginia, United States    3 (7.89%)
Victoria, Seychelles (General), Seychelles    3 (7.89%)
Paris, RhใดAlpes, France    3 (7.89%)

Below are the top 25 articles of yesterday, ranked in order of their overall potential and actual impact on the global media ecosystem surrounding this topic.

Climate Change This Week: The Walrus Sings, Renewables Rising, and More! | Mary Ellen Harte

... Health Benefits says new study. OO Conventional Fossil Fuel Generators Headed Towards Decline says a new report by global investment bank HSBC. Chile Is First Nation To Announce aCarbon Tax reports Seth Zuckerman at ClimateCast . with a $5 per metric ton charge on power plant emissions to begin in 2018. Meanwhile, in the wake of the carbon tax repeal Down Under, Aussie renewable ...

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Greg Hunt says Australia will meet its carbon reduction target - Business - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

... and that's why we're taking action but reject the Bill Shorten approach of higher electricity prices, which only yesterday, he's reaffirmed, they're pledging to do through bringing back acarbon tax. We've seen electricity prices come down relative to what they would have been. They want to bring it back. CHRIS UHLMANN: Well, you're in Government; Bill Shorten isn't. We're yet to actually see ...

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Krugman vs. Krugman on Carbon Taxes

... Krugman wrote back in 2009, when he warned his green comrades to not say cringe-worthy things about there being free lunches in fighting climate change. Krugman of Christmas Past SaysCarbon Taxes Will Be Costly First let's recall that Krugman as of 2009 was still an economist when it came to climate change. He was certainly for a carbon tax and other measures to fix alleged "market ...

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Coal is 'good for humanity', says Tony Abbott at mine opening
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... our prosperity, and coal is the world's principal energy source and it will be for many decades to come." The Coalition had affirmed its faith in the coal industry by abolishing the carbon tax and mining, Mr Abbott said, but if there was a change of government at the next election both of those taxes could come back. "If you want to sustain the coal industry, if you want to sustain the ...

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Reports: Mark Carney lends weight to carbon bubble theory - 13 Oct 2014 - News from BusinessGreen
(2 Additional Articles)

... and special envoy for climate change, said businesses had made a welcome contribution to the discussions. She said businesses had called for better communication between different carbon trading platforms and carbon taxes around the world, while governments had been clear that any carbon pricing mechanism should not penalise the poor. "This has to be done in order to drive investment in ...

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Australian PM: Coal is good for humanity | TheHill

... Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott said "coal is good for humanity" during the opening of a coal mine on Monday. Abbott, who recently worked to repeal a carbon tax on Australia's industrial sources, said coal demand will continue grow in the coming decades. "Coal is vital for the future energy needs of the world," Abbott said, according to The Guardian . "So let's have no demonisation of ...

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China Carbon Controls and Future Planning | The Energy Collective

... coverage upwards of 4 billion MTCO2. According to official NDRC estimates, a national carbon market in China could reach an aggregate value of $65 billion by 2020. Existing carbon tradingat the sub-national level already covers roughly 1.2 billion MTCO2, with more than $140 million swapping hands in carbon trading transactions to date, adding true currency to climate policy talking ...

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Fact-checking the North Carolina Senate race

... has cut into classroom spending even though education spending has increased. Full Story: "Tillis: An Education Budget Backer or Hacker?," Sept. 11 Claim: Hagan "supported a carbon tax" that would destroy "up to 67,000 jobs in North Carolina over the next ten years." Facts: Congress has never voted on a specific carbon tax proposal. Both the Tillis camp and the American Energy ...

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What Would Milton Friedman Do About Climate Change? Tax Carbon - Forbes

... outlined two possibilities for creating a carbon market. The first is to cap carbon emissions at a certain level and then allow the market to determine the cost of carbon by trading carbon offsets. That solution"cap and trade"is uncontroversial among economists, he said, but it failed in Congress in 2011. The second would be to estimate the price of carbon and tax it. Estimating the cost is ...

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CLIMATE: 2014 Nobel Prize economist argues for binding GHG targets -- Monday, October 13, 2014 --

... and phasing-out decisions for incentives, and no special treatment for any specific sector or industry. The French economist also said he slightly favors a cap-and-trade solution over acarbon tax because verification is easier since a country's overall emissions can be measured, they can be set for the long term rather than reviewed annually, and allocation of permits "is often an easy and ...

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Taiwanese Nobel laureate talks on sustainability, Tang Prize - The China Post

... cheap energy? Not the ordinary people. We should really reexamine ourselves based on the many suggestions she gave us," said Lee. "Our government should scrap energy subsidies and levy a carbon tax if we want to pursue the path of sustainable development," he said. "Without doing so, it would be impossible to transform our industries." Source of CO2 Emissions He noted that Taiwan's carbon ...

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Consumers may have to bear brunt of proposed carbon tax - CNBC Africa

... "At this point, Eskom has said what they are going to effectively be doing is passing thatcarbon tax responsibility through to its consumers," Andrew Gilder of the South African Wind Energy Association told CNBC Africa. This is following talks regarding the finalising of an approach to a carbon tax in order to reduce greenhouse emissions by the country's Department of Environmental Affairs ...

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Mixed benefits from carbon tax repeal | SBS News

... The repeal of the carbon tax will deliver a mixed bag of power bill savings to businesses depending on where they operate. Prime Minister Tony Abbott promised the repeal would deliver a nine per cent saving in electricity prices and cut gas bills by seven per cent. However, a study by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission has found that for small and medium-sized businesses the ...

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SmartCompany - Rod Sims: SMEs will save up to 10% on energy bills following carbon tax repeal

... Australian SMEs can expect to see their annual energy bills fall by as much as 10% as a result of the repeal of the carbon tax. Speaking in Melbourne yesterday at the Energy Users Association of Australia annual conference, Australian Competition and Consumer Commission chairman Rod Sims said preliminary data collected by the competition watchdog shows SMEs can expect annual savings of ...

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The climate in Paris will have an impact on Labors prospects for the 2016 carbon debate

... his "faith and confidence" in the industry. "Coal is essential for the prosperity of the world," he declared, and a change of government at the next election would mean the return of the carbon tax. "So, if you want to sustain the coal industry, if you want to sustain the jobs, if you want to sustain the towns that depend upon the coal industry, you've got to support the Coalition because we ...

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ACCC : SMEs to save 5 to 10 per cent on power from carbon tax repeal | Dynamic Business Small Business Advice Forums | Dynamic Business Australia

... Competition tsar Rod Sims has informed SMEs they should expect an annual cost saving of between five and ten per cent on their energy bills as a result of the carbon tax repeal. In a speech to the Energy User's Association of Australia Conference in Melbourne, Mr Sims said larger energy users would reap even more significant savings from the repeal. The Australian Competition and ...

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Push for shipping industry to take the lead over reducing carbon emissions | Hellenic Shipping News Worldwide

... Leading shipowner Andreas Sohmen-Pao of BW Group believes shipping needs to take the lead in CO2 emission reductions and be model for other industries, and continues to push for acarbon tax. "I think carbon pressure is coming and it's coming fast and we need to get ahead of it because if we are sitting here in five years without having done anything on mitigation then we are going to be in ...

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Paul M. Craig: Wall Street caps and trades while Rome burns |

... of privileged greed; the higher mathematics of avarice is still to be developed. The Wall Street solution to reducing global warming is the financial program commonly called "carbon cap and trade." Cap and trade, ostensibly about limiting or removing the man-made additions to climate change, is ultimately about enriching Wall Street. It is also about increasing the size, power and expense of ...

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Simple Fuels to purchase Yokayo Biofuels assets; biodiesel to remain available locally - Ukiah Daily Journal

... with a loss of 16 full time jobs. He says the biggest reason for their closure was due to a lack of government support both at the state and federal levels. He explains that the carbon creditprograms, those where petroleum companies are required to buy a certain amount of renewable fuels, allowed his company to bank carbon credits, normally valued high based on demand. This year state ...

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Can Climate Change Unite the Left? - In These Times

... and shareholder pockets—and how do we do it soon, before the companies are significantly less profitable or out of business because we have moved to a new energy system? A steepcarbon tax would be a straightforward way to get a piece of the profits, as long as it contained a generous redistributive mechanism—a tax cut or income credit—that compensated poor and middle-class ...

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California, Quebec to hold first joint carbon auction | Central Valley | Merced Sun-Star

... In a significant milestone for “cap and trade” carbon markets, California and Quebec have announced that their first combined auction of greenhouse gas emission credits will be held Nov. 19. Officials said the joint auction will strengthen efforts in both jurisdictions to rein in carbon emissions. Credits purchased in the auction can be used by industrial firms in either California ...

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FREEDOM: A resource policy for energy and the environment (Pt 1) | Communities Digital News

... the EPA to expand its authority to the point where it essentially circumvents the authority granted singularly to the Legislative Branch by Article I of the Constitution. If a "cap and trade" bill fails to pass Congress, the EPA simply crafts regulations and enforcement provisions that attempt to accomplish the same objective, only without the safeguards of legislative representation. ...

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How family planning could be part of the answer to climate change

... As he asks, "nobody can deny that population growth is a major driving factor, but in terms of the policy response, what are you going to do?" One approach would be the provision of carbon credits for having fewer children. Market-based mechanisms emissions trading schemes (essentially cap-and-trade schemes) are in vogue as a means to address the climate change problem. Why not use such ...

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W.Va. 3rd District race for Congress issue stances - | News, information, New Martinsville and Wetzel County WV - Wetzel Chronicle
(2 Additional Articles)

... plants. Rahall was one of 10 House Democrats to vote to block a carbon limit on new plants, and has sponsored a bill to block a rule on existing plants. Both candidates say they oppose acarbon tax. In March 2013, Rahall voted for a Congressional Progressive Caucus budget last year that included a $25 per ton tax on carbon dioxide, with rebates to shield low-income families. The budget yielded ...

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BW Group: Shipping Should Lead in Emissions Reduction » Ship & Bunker

... of it because if we are sitting here in five years without having done anything on mitigation then we are going to be in this usual disarray of trying to deal with all these proposals cap and trade, this that and the other, rather than us taking the lead and saying here is a framework," Sohmen-Pao said at the Danish Maritime Forum in Copenhagen . Sohmen-Pao once again brought up the idea ...

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Tony Abbott says 'coal is good for humanity' while opening mine | World news |

... we should rest lightly on the planet and I'm determined to ensure that we do our duty by the future here." In Moranbah, the prime minister said he was proud to have abolished the carbon tax and the mining tax. Last week, China imposed a 6% tariff on non-coking coal and announced attempts to address pollution in its cities by increasing spending on renewable energy. Last year, China ...

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Pacific Climate Warriors sail canoes to Sydney to protest Australia's coal industry | ABC Radio Australia

... We are losing our coral reefs as temperatures change," he said. Australia's changing stance on climate change is being watched by the world, with it facing criticism for abolishing the carbon tax, proposing to reduce the Renewable Energy Target and keeping climate change off the G20 agenda. Ms Loeak criticised Prime Minister Tony Abbott's absence from the recent UN climate summit in New ...

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