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Total Word Count    22,932
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Top person names mentioned in today's news:

Tony Abbott    3 (9.68%)
Matthew Cavanaugh    1 (3.23%)
Campbell Newman    1 (3.23%)
Steve Cicala    1 (3.23%)
Alfredo Rada    1 (3.23%)
Robert Pollin    1 (3.23%)
Derrick Dalley    1 (3.23%)
Top organization names mentioned in today's news:

Virginia Coal Association    7 (22.58%)
Infrastructure Committee    7 (22.58%)
Energy Users Association Of Australia Conference    3 (9.68%)
European Union    3 (9.68%)
Consumer Commission    3 (9.68%)
Google    2 (6.45%)
United Nations    2 (6.45%)

Below are the top 25 articles of yesterday, ranked in order of their overall potential and actual impact on the global media ecosystem surrounding this topic.

COLUMN-In Australia, CO2 storage gets a big boost: Kemp
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... By John Kemp LONDON, Sept 10 (Reuters) - Australia's prime minister-elect Tony Abbott has pledged to repeal the country's carbon tax to boost economic competitiveness, so it is ironic that Australia is about to host the world's most ambitious project for capturing carbon dioxide and storing it underground. Starting in 2014/15, Chevron will begin injecting 120 million tonnes of pressurised ...

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W.Va. 3rd District race for Congress issue stances - Yahoo News
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... plants. Rahall was one of 10 House Democrats to vote to block a carbon limit on new plants, and has sponsored a bill to block a rule on existing plants. Both candidates say they oppose a carbon tax. In March 2013, Rahall voted for a Congressional Progressive Caucus budget last year that included a $25 per ton tax on carbon dioxide, with rebates to shield low-income families. The budget yielded ...

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The falling share market explained - RN Breakfast - ABC Radio National (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

... coal use as they to fight soaring pollution. That interpretation is much more ominous for the industry, as it would signal a more permanent position, one that could one day morph into a carbon tax in China. All this helps to explain moves by an increasing number of super funds to get out of fossil fuel stocksit's financial, not just ethical. ................................................. ...

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Business carbon savings significant: ACCC
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... Small to medium sized businesses can expect savings on their energy bills of between five and 10 per cent following the axing of the carbon tax, the consumer watchdog says. And for larger companies the returns could be much greater, according to the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission. The coalition federal government has given the ACCC greater powers to ensure the benefits of ...

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What Would Milton Friedman Do About Climate Change? Tax Carbon - Forbes

... outlined two possibilities for creating a carbon market. The first is to cap carbon emissions at a certain level and then allow the market to determine the cost of carbon by trading carbon offsets. That solution"cap and trade"is uncontroversial among economists, he said, but it failed in Congress in 2011. The second would be to estimate the price of carbon and tax it. Estimating the cost ...

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Shorten learns from history but a mining tax still won't fly

... industry, he could well then put the mining super tax idea into the too-hard basket. Shorten says he intends to go to the next election promising to reintroduce a carbon price but not a carbon tax and talks with the business community about it could be more productive. The default position of most big businesses is that carbon pricing is inevitable. Groups such as BHP Billiton are ...

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UN Climate Summit: The Dirty Little Secret about Global Warming Obama Doesn't Want You to Know | Cato Institute

... for the two-decade hiatus. Otherwise, the jig is up and it will be plainly obvious that climate models are unreliable. And in that case, the foundations for climate alarm, for a carbon tax, and for the president’s Climate Action Plan crumble. About five or six years ago, climate modelers and their supporters found it easier to claim the hiatus didn’t exist than to try to ...

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Business carbon tax savings significant: ACCC

... could be much greater, according to the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission. The coalition federal government has given the ACCC greater powers to ensure the benefits of the carbon tax repeal are passed on to consumers by allowing it to impose heavy penalties on companies found guilty of price exploitation. ACCC chair Rod Sims has told an energy conference that the watchdog is ...

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Companies leading the charge on carbon pricing - Lexology

... planning and risk management strategies. Of the 2,100 companies surveyed throughout the world, 638 companies have disclosed that regulations related to carbon pricing (cap-and-trade & carbon taxes) present opportunities for their businesses (although companies in heavy emitting countries and industries continue to report that they feel competitively disadvantaged by carbon pricing). ...

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Shorten rules out carbon tax return

... Labor will not bring a carbon tax to the next election but a market mechanism is still the best way of dealing with emissions, Opposition Leader Bill Shorten says. While urging the government to address China's recently introduced tariff on Australian coal, Mr Shorten said the Australian people had spoken on the carbon tax at the last election, which saw Labor lose office. 'We will not have ...

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Fight climate change by taxing timber harvests: Guest opinion |

... bolster carbon storage on their lands by growing larger trees and using alternatives to clearcutting. Emissions from clearcutting and other intensive forest practices should be part of the carbon tax equation if Oregon goes that route. New revenues can be used to purchase mature and old growth forest carbon reserves from willing landowners. Oregon can play a major role in combatting climate ...

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SNC-Lavalin helps customers prepare for new carbon tax - Cape Business News

... The implementation of a new carbon tax in South Africa is set for 2016 and will require companies to pay tax on a percentage of their greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. The tax is part of the government's plan to undertake appropriate national actions to curb greenhouse gas emissions by 34% by 2020 and a further 42% by 2025. This plan follows on commitments made at the 2009 Copenhagen Conference ...

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A carbon tax will create jobs for Americans - WICU12 HD WSEE Erie, PA News, Sports, Weather, Events

... for every $1 million of investment in clean energy, the U.S. can create 16.7 jobs compared with only 5.3 jobs from fossil fuel investments. Overall, green energy investments combined with carbon taxes can create 2.7 million jobs in areas such as renewable energy, construction, manufacturing, transportation, new technologies and services -- even taking into account the transitional job loss from ...

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Accept carbon price and focus on jobs, Newcastle MP says | Blayney Chronicle

... of Newcastle says the government must forge ahead with plans to put a price on carbon because the city's expansion depends on it. Despite intense lobbying by the coal sector against the carbon tax, Sharon Grierson said that the coal sector would not be harmed as claimed, and Newcastle's fledgling clean-energy industry would stall if the carbon policy foundered. Ms Grierson said that while it ...

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Pugwash: In climate debate, people must consider mitigation or adaptation - The Tartan Online

... in this case. Regulations could prove hard to pass and could lead to energy shortages as the market scrambles to find new, effective sources of energy. Even market solutions like carbon taxes would be met with resistance from producers. These policies also don't cover all that contribute to greenhouse emissions. Expanding these policies to other products would make the political battle ...

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Queenslanders to get electricity price relief

... add to the price of electricity through the Somerville recommendations and its resulting capital expenditure, the mandatory renewable energy scheme, the Solar Bonus Scheme and the Carbon Tax, which was finally removed on 1 July 2014." Strong Choices Electricity Price Relief is the final component of the Strong Choices final plan, which is expected to yield $37 billion through the ...

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China to unveil national carbon market | Petroleum Economist

... national carbon market in 2016, it raised hopes that the country is stepping up its efforts to rein in emissions. Although a move in the right direction, China's early experiences with carbon trading show it has a long way to go. The scale of China's growing carbon footprint was underscored in a report from the Global Carbon Project, a non-governmental research group. The report found that ...

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Whichever way you cut it, the federal budget hurts the poorest hardest | Business |

... asked Hockey "how is it strongly arguable that pensioners are going to be better off under this budget?" to which he replied, "the starting point is that the Coalition has abolished the carbon tax". However the Natsem modelling shows that while the removal of the carbon price does reduce the average impact of the budget measures, it does not completely cancel out the negative impact. And ...

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Carbon capture's energy penalty problem

... compression system using some of the heat that would otherwise be wasted from the power plant. But even with those measures, CCS will only be competitive if the energy penalty is offset by carbon taxes, carbon prices, or other policy measures to level the playing field by pushing up the cost of electricity from other fossil fuel plants. So in the longer term, the outlook for CCS is really a ...

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We’ve lost the luxury of a slow move to renewables - Letters - The Boston Globe

... is trending upward. Where was the Globe’s coverage of the carbon risk forum — can you say "divestment"? — held this month in Cambridge? Where is the coverage of carbon tax initiatives? In your Oct. 6 editorial (". . . and grass-roots diversity helps, too") you lauded the size and scope of the recent climate march in New York City. Now it’s time to give voice ...

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Statoil to Drill Canadas First Deepwater Offshore Oil Well After Bailing on Albertas Tar Sands | DeSmogBlog

... tar sands project (a decision that cost those companies $1.65 billion), Statoil's announcement indicates that fighting pipelines can be effective by applying a sort of people-powered carbon tax to fossil fuel development. As recently as December 2013, Statoil Canada president Stale Tungesvik told The Globe and Mail that he was "still fighting for doing both," referring to the Corner tar ...

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How Bolivia is Leading the Global Fight Against Climate Disaster | The Bullet No. 1047

... of capitalism where everything is commodified, including life itself and common goods." The statement rejects the concept of a "green economy," based on such capitalist devices as carbon credits, essentially the privatization of nature. And it points to the rising competition for control of scarce or declining natural resources, a key ingredient in the imperialist war drive. Fighting the ...

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Quest to sequester | The Chemical Institute of Canada

... been. "Alberta went through a regulatory framework assurance review, which looked at all of the language needed to manage this process," he says, referring to an elaborate regime of carbon credits and technical protocols for injecting CO 2 underground. "When you put all those things together, Alberta becomes the perfect environment to implement this, because the rules are clear." Quest ...

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