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Top person names mentioned in today's news:

Tony Abbott    6 (15.00%)
Stephen Harper    4 (10.00%)
Brent Finlay    2 (5.00%)
Andrew Robb    2 (5.00%)
Cory Gardner    2 (5.00%)
Barack Obama    2 (5.00%)
Barnaby Joyce    2 (5.00%)
Top organization names mentioned in today's news:

Environmental Protection Agency    3 (7.50%)
European Union    3 (7.50%)
National Farmers    2 (5.00%)
Heartland Institute    2 (5.00%)
International Panel On Climate    2 (5.00%)
World Bank    2 (5.00%)
Proceedings Of The National Academy Of Sciences    2 (5.00%)
Top cities worldwide mentioned in today's news:

Fairfax, New South Wales, Australia    8 (20.00%)
Sydney, New South Wales, Australia    5 (12.50%)
Canberra, Australian Capital Territory, Australia    5 (12.50%)
Paris, RhใดAlpes, France    5 (12.50%)
Alberta, Alberta, Canada    4 (10.00%)
Kyoto, Kyoto, Japan    4 (10.00%)
Jinping, Yunnan, China    3 (7.50%)

Below are the top 25 articles of yesterday, ranked in order of their overall potential and actual impact on the global media ecosystem surrounding this topic.

California to Invalidate Carbon Credits · Environmental Management & Sustainable Development News · Environmental Leader

... disposal. Clean Harbors, however, was found to be selling a brine byproduct instead of disposing of the refrigerants. Because of this, California plans to invalidate 231,154 of the carbon credits generated from the projects in 2012. This represents about 5 percent of the total credits under investigation. "In the short term, this helps the market because they didn't invalidate the vast ...

(184 words by

Fact-checking the North Carolina Senate race - The staff of -

... has cut into classroom spending even though education spending has increased. Full Story: "Tillis: An Education Budget Backer or Hacker?" Sept. 11 Claim: Hagan "supported a carbon tax" that would destroy "up to 67,000 jobs in North Carolina over the next ten years." Facts: Congress has never voted on a specific carbon tax proposal. Both the Tillis camp and the American Energy ...

(1060 words by

Oil companies quietly prepare for a future of carbon pricing |

... an internal carbon price since 2007, when it was far lower than it is today. The price, Jeffers said, was raised in 2009 when Congress looked likely to impose a cost on carbon through cap and trade, and it declined afterward. Now it's up again, he explained, reflecting the combination of forces impacting the risks and costs that oil faces in the marketplace: tightened mileage standards by the ...

(1891 words by

Bill Shorten says Labor wants to 'tackle carbon pollution', but rules out return of carbon tax
(5 Additional Articles)

... Labor will not bring a carbon tax to the next election but a market mechanism is still the best way of dealing with emissions, Opposition Leader Bill Shorten says. While urging the government to address China's recently introduced tariff on Australian coal, Mr Shorten said the Australian people had spoken on the carbon tax at the last election, which saw Labor lose office. "We will not have ...

(424 words by

Global CO2 pricing scheme surfaces ahead of 2015 climate summit | EurActiv

... A team of scholars at Paris Dauphine University has proposed an international carbon trading system, whereby countries with the highest average CO2 emissions pay the most. A simple, yet ambitious scheme that hinges upon cooperation from the world's largest emitter, China. EurActiv France reports. With the Paris climate conference just over a year away, there is broad agreement on the need for ...

(832 words by

Fact-checking the Colorado Senate race

... told KDVR that "it wasn't the Affordable Care Act" that influenced her decision to go back to work. Full story: "Crossroads GPS' Twisted Tale," Aug. 12 Claim: Udall "voted to enact a carbon tax." Facts: Udall voted to support making a hypothetical tax revenue neutral, and the resolution did not carry the force of law. Congress has never voted to enact a specific carbon tax proposal. ...

(2628 words by

Shorten learns from history but a mining tax still won't fly

... industry, he could well then put the mining super tax idea into the too-hard basket. Shorten says he intends to go to the next election promising to reintroduce a carbon price but not a carbon tax and talks with the business community about it could be more productive. The default position of most big businesses is that carbon pricing is inevitable. Groups such as BHP Billiton are ...

(923 words by

Just Say NO to a Carbon Tax | NCPA

... Source: American Thinker I am against instituting a carbon tax, but my reasons are rather different from the conventional ones. I see three major problems with any proposed carbon tax: It irrationally discriminates against some forms of energy and subsidizes others. It ignores the considerable benefits of atmospheric carbon dioxide in promoting the growth of plants, advancing agriculture, ...

(1246 words by

Taxes Won't Stop Global Warming | The Daily Caller

... debates, discussing job creation misses the point of taxing carbon in the first place: It's supposed to stem global warming. On this point taxing carbon dioxide is a fool's errand. A carbon tax will do nothing to stop global warming on top of making energy more expensive and less reliable for everyone. In the past few years, conservatives and liberals alike have floated the idea of tax ...

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Survey: 1 in 3 Seniors Went Without Medical Care Due to High Energy Prices | CNS News

... 2008 statement to the San Francisco Chronicle. When he was still a presidential candidate, he said: "When I was asked earlier about the issue of coal, you know, under my plan of a cap and trade system, electricity rates would necessarily skyrocket even regardless of what I say -- whether coal is good or bad because I am capping greenhouse gases, coal power plants, you know, natural gas, ...

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Carbon price on Bill Shorten's agenda as he goes to electorate
(3 Additional Articles)

... business a tacit recognition that the politically divisive debates over the carbon and mining taxes had shredded Labor's standing with sections of business. "Labor doesn't support a carbon tax, but in terms of real and effective action on climate change I do support a market-based system to set a price and that's where the rest of the world's going," Mr Shorten said. "I'm determined to ...

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Opinion: LNG tax: Competitiveness vs. public benefits

... but not a lot. It may also give them a back door to compliance in the form of an Alberta-style "tech fund " for emissions that exceed the standard, or allow them to purchase carbon offsets (though discredited following the auditor general 's 2013 report on the Pacific Carbon Trust). Furthermore, the carbon standard is unlikely to apply to upstream emissions from fracking and ...

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ClimeCo Corporation's Environmental Commodities Footprint Expands with Executive Growth - Press Release - Digital Journal

... BOYERTOWN, Pa. , Oct. 2, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- ClimeCo Corporation, a leading Emission Reduction Credit (ERC) project developer and the largest producer of U.S. voluntary carbon credits under the Climate Action Reserve, celebrates an expansion of its environmental market brokerage platform. Based within the industrial hub of Houston, Texas , Mason Henderson will lead ClimeCo's private ...

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Hunt says Labor 'must be honest about tax'

... Environment Minister Greg Hunt says Opposition leader Bill Shorten should call his proposed climate plan a carbon tax because that's what it is. Mr Shorten today ruled out Labor bringing a carbon tax to the next election, but says a market mechanism is needed to deal with carbon emissions. But Mr Hunt says Mr Shorten should be honest and call it for what it is - a carbon tax. Prime Minister ...

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How family planning could be part of the answer to climate change | Opinion | Eco-Business | Asia Pacific

... As he asks, "nobody can deny that population growth is a major driving factor, but in terms of the policy response, what are you going to do?" One approach would be the provision of carbon credits for having fewer children. Market-based mechanisms — emissions trading schemes (essentially cap-and-trade schemes) — are in vogue as a means to address the climate change problem. Why ...

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Why Frances Former Enviro Minister Said No To Canada’s Oil Lobby | The Tyee

... and that was the position of Canada's ambassador. But it was quite different when we met with the Quebec delegation, who have a very, very different position." [Quebec belongs to a carbon trading market with California]. On why Canada is holding back international climate talks: "Not only does Canada not want to advance on Kyoto Protocol two, they continue to defend the tar sands ...

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Sd News Room | Californias 2014 sky-high electricity rates its gotten even worse

... state's residential electricity rates are quite high compared to the rest of the nation. And under AB32, these rates are predicted to go even higher after full implementation of the "cap and trade" tax while the other states didn't chose to commit such "cap and trade" economic suicide. BTW, our state's industrial electricity rates are FAR higher compared to other states 85.4% higher than ...

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Chile is first South American Country to Tax

... of Chile enacted new environmental tax legislation on Friday making the country the first in South America to tax carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions. Part of a broad tax reform, Chile's carbon tax will target the power sector, particularly generators operating thermal plants with installed capacity equal or larger than 50 megawatts (MW). These installations will be charged $5 per tonne of ...

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Combet: coal seam gas key to renewable energy target | Gladstone Observer

... after growing up on a grain farm. Geoff spends his time out of work watching far too much sport following the Reds, the Broncos and various American teams. ONE of the authors of the carbon tax has declared the coal seam gas industry a vital way to reduce Australia's carbon emissions. Former environment minister Greg Combet said the industry was a key means for Australia to achieve its ...

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Colorado Senate Candidates Clash On Energy « CBS Denver

... DENVER (AP) - Democratic Sen. Mark Udall on Monday defended his support for a carbon tax, lashing back at criticism from his opponent who says plans to slash carbon emissions at coal-fired power plants raises energy costs for homeowners. In the second debate between Udall and Republican Rep. Cory Gardner, Udall took a more aggressive stance than he has in the past, saying the changes by the ...

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Gas prices in California could fall 30 cents by Christmas -

... Gas prices could plummet as much as 30 cents a gallon in California before Christmas, analysts said, giving drivers a break before a new carbon tax on fuels kicks in next year and drives prices up again. The state average stood at $3.64 on Friday, but drivers could easily fill up for under $3.35 across the entire Bay Area. Prices at some stations are falling nearly a nickel a day and are now 1 ...

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Energy-efficient economy needs strong railroads | Business & Technology | The Seattle Times

... add to greenhouse gases. The best solution would be to pay the fossil-fuel companies in the United States and Canada to keep most of their dirty bounty in the ground. Also, implement a carbon tax. Neither is politically likely. Calls to re-regulate the railroads because of recent capacity problems are questionable. The 1980 Staggers Act is one of the few successful deregulations. While ...

(807 words by 100 kW Solar Installation Helps Melbourne Zoo Achieve Carbon-Neutral Status

... of over 100 kW for the Melbourne Zoo. The photovoltaic systems and other initiatives have allowed the zoo to claim carbon-neutral status under the Australian government's National Carbon Offset Standard. Hanwha Q Cells supplied the 390 Q.PRO-G3 255 solar panels for the project, which is expected to provide about 140 MWh of electricity annually for the zoo's elephant and baboon enclosures ...

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Andrew Robb hoses down China FTA fears - Agriculture - Agribusiness - General News - Stock & Land
(2 Additional Articles)

... he said. "Penny Wong as Climate Change Minister spent her time in government doing everything she could to undermine Australia's world-class coal industry by trying to force through a carbon tax. "In regard to the prospect of China introducing tariffs on coal imports, had the Labor government been able to successfully conclude a free trade agreement with China during its six years in ...

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Canadian watchdog castigates government climate strategy

... New York last month. In 2012, the country pulled out of the Kyoto Protocol, the world's only legally binding climate treaty. It has also supported Australia's recent moves to scrap its carbon tax, which Canadian prime minister Stephen Harper described as "job killing" in June. The one area the Auditor did find the government on its game was in accounting for its climate finance aid to ...

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New Slurry Could Make Carbon Capture More Efficient | Climate Central

... sell its captured CO2 to the oil and gas industry. It’s unclear if coal-fired power plants using CCS on such a scale will be feasible everywhere. "It remains the case that a carbon tax of some kind would be necessary to stimulate large-scale implementation of CCS technology, at least until production of oil and gas naturally becomes much more expensive due to increasingly ...

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40% Drop in Solar PV Cost is Brightest Spot of Global Energy Picture | InsideClimate News

... the red or yellowwe use a stoplight analogyin terms of progress right now. ICN: How do you feel about the backward steps being taken lately on climate changeAustralia's repeal of their carbon tax, for instance? Elzinga: Well, I'm not going to comment too much on Australia. It's a little bit disheartening to see a real change in course away from a strong climate ambition to much less ...

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