Carbon Credit News Updates: 10-18-2014

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At-A-Glance Vitals
Quick summary of yesterday's news:

Total Coverage    14
Total Word Count    9,175
News[VIEW]    14 (100.00%)
Unique News Stories    11
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The map below shows all geographic mentions across both mainstream and social media coverage.

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Top person names mentioned in today's news:

Dan Tehan    3 (21.43%)
Laura Pagliarulo    2 (14.29%)
Alden Hathaway    2 (14.29%)
Julie Slavet    2 (14.29%)
Nick Rahall    1 (7.14%)
Jim Dewey    1 (7.14%)
Michael Peevey    1 (7.14%)
Top organization names mentioned in today's news:

Regional Development    3 (21.43%)
Trans Pacific Partnership    3 (21.43%)
Washington Gas Energy Services Inc    2 (14.29%)
Pa Carbon Reduction Fund    2 (14.29%)
Pennsylvania Environmental Council    2 (14.29%)
Washington Gas Energy Services    2 (14.29%)
Abington Friends School    2 (14.29%)

Below are the top 25 articles of yesterday, ranked in order of their overall potential and actual impact on the global media ecosystem surrounding this topic.

Brown wants higher carbon standards - San Jose Mercury News

... response and strategy to deal with climate change of any political jurisdiction in the world. And we're going to continue doing that," Brown said. The current target includes a so-called carbon tax on consumer fuels startingJan. 1, which the nonpartisan Legislative Analyst's Office estimates could boost the cost of gasoline by 13 to 20 cents a gallon by 2020. It projected that the increase ...

(736 words by

University of Alberta Guests Are Waking Up to Green

... program. EcoStay is a national initiative that helps hotels measure their carbon footprint, identify and fund reduction strategies and balance off their greenhouse gas emissions through carbon offsetting. "We're very excited to be part of the EcoStay Program," said Dolores March, General Manager of the University of Alberta's Hospitality Services Team. "It's a meaningful and effective way of ...

(658 words by

Press Releases - News - Stockhouse

... feet of stream buffer along 500 feet of Jenkintown Creek, preventing pollution and runoff into the water. The trees will also absorb carbon dioxide from the air. “The WGES PA Carbon Offsets product improves the local environment while offering residential and commercial customers the option to reduce their carbon footprints,” said Laura Pagliarulo, Manager, Green Products, ...

(863 words by

Follow the money and you'll see how profitable global warming is - News - The CantonRep - Canton, OH

... from taxes on carbon emissions. Throw political correctness into the mix, and you have a real battle royal. Another money thought: Former Vice President Al Gore imagined a market for carbon credits and carbon offsets that would be traded on an exchange, similar to a stock exchange — another money-making scheme. Finally, there is no consensus in scientific truth; it either is or is not ...

(268 words by

Washington Gas Energy Presents $11,000 To PEC For Carbon Reduction Project |

... square feet of stream buffer along 500 feet of Jenkintown Creek, preventing pollution and runoff into the water. The trees will also absorb carbon dioxide from the air."The WGES PA Carbon Offsets product improves the local environment while offering residential and commercial customers the option to reduce their carbon footprints," said Laura Pagliarulo, Manager, Green Products, Washington ...

(574 words by

EDITORIAL: Cap and trade's perpetual campaign - Press Enterprise

... Since Democrats rule the California roost, they're increasingly worried about being held to account for these unpleasant changes. Politics as usual, right? Not exactly. Cap and trade isn't a piece of legislation that stands still. It keeps adding new features and raising new benchmarks. If you think changes will continue to crop up even after today's goals are met, you're on to ...

(548 words by

Climate & forests | Forest Peoples Programme

... of the country. This is a case study on the Ma Ndombe REDD Project, which is financially supported by the German based company "Forest Carbon Group AG" through the local company ERA Carbon Offsets (now known as Offsetters Climate Solutions Inc.). The objective of the case study is to examine the implementation of this project especially in relation to the rights of indigenous and local ...

(685 words by

Energy officials visit Block Island - By Cassius Shuman - Block Island Times - News, Classifieds, Events and Business in Block Island, RI

... meeting is tentatively set for either Oct. 29 or Nov. 5 on Block Island. The OER and PUC also agreed to look into how Block Island might participate in the Regional Greenhouse Gas cap and trade initiative. RGGI is the first market-based regulatory program in the U.S. to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and is a cooperative effort among the states of Connecticut, Delaware, Maine, Maryland, ...

(1073 words by

Labor's Country Caucus is 'tokenism', says Warren Truss - Agriculture - General - Politics - North Queensland Register
(3 Additional Articles)

... and sometimes a bit of a lucky dip as to whether you're actually able to get it through or not. "But I think we've made progress. "We set ourselves certain objectives - we got rid of the carbon tax, we got rid of the mining tax (and) we've certainly stopped the boats. "We're sort of moving towards a balanced budget (however) it's some time away yet and now we're heading into another largely ...

(705 words by

Bloomberg View: As oil prices fall, gas tax should go up | The Salt Lake Tribune
(2 Additional Articles)

... good policy, however, because higher gas prices incentivize fuel economy, which helps reduce air pollution, including carbon emissions. Indeed, the gas tax is a form of climate-protecting carbon tax. In the event Congress still chooses not to act, states can still tie their own gas taxes to the price of oil and invest the extra revenue wisely in public transit and road safety. States and ...

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W.Va. 3rd District race for Congress issue stances - Times Union

... plants. Rahall was one of 10 House Democrats to vote to block a carbon limit on new plants, and has sponsored a bill to block a rule on existing plants. Both candidates say they oppose a carbon tax. In March 2013, Rahall voted for a Congressional Progressive Caucus budget last year that included a $25 per ton tax on carbon dioxide, with rebates to shield low-income families. The budget yielded ...

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