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Top person names mentioned in today's news:

Berend Smit    3 (15.00%)
Greg Rickford    2 (10.00%)
Joe Jobe    2 (10.00%)
Mitch Mcconnell    2 (10.00%)
Matt Carr    2 (10.00%)
Mike Mcadams    2 (10.00%)
Alison Lundergan Grimes    2 (10.00%)
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Nature Communications    4 (20.00%)
Energy Center    3 (15.00%)
University Of Edinburgh    2 (10.00%)
Environmental Protection Agency    2 (10.00%)
Department Of Energy    2 (10.00%)
National Biodiesel Board    2 (10.00%)
Algae Biomass Organization    2 (10.00%)
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Beijing, Beijing, China    4 (20.00%)
Berkeley, California, United States    3 (15.00%)
Houston, Texas, United States    3 (15.00%)
Oslo, Oslo, Norway    1 (5.00%)
Los Angeles, California, United States    1 (5.00%)
Weyburn, Saskatchewan, Canada    1 (5.00%)
Clinton, Kentucky, United States    1 (5.00%)

Below are the top 25 articles of yesterday, ranked in order of their overall potential and actual impact on the global media ecosystem surrounding this topic.

Wonkbook: Lessons from the second U.S. Ebola case - The Washington Post

... carbon-capture effort at a coal-fired plant. Three more such projects are in various stages of design and construction in the U.S. The irony? The current business case for carbon sequestration relies largely on using the carbon dioxide generated by burning coal to help increase production of another, somewhat cleaner fossil fuel: oil." Daniel Gross in Slate . WOLFERS: A falling budget ...

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Using Slurry for Economical, Energy-Efficient Carbon Capture · Environmental Management & Sustainable Development News · Environmental Leader

... carbon-capturing solids and liquids to develop a "slurry," scientists from cole polytechnique federale de Lausanne, University of California-Berkeley and Beijing have created a carbon capture method that is relatively simple to implement on a large scale, economical and energy efficient, according to Nature Communications. Currently, carbon capture is primarily done by either using ...

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Storing greenhouse gas undergroundfor a million years | Science/AAAS | News

... Even so, the fact that CO 2 stayed locked up underground for so long at Bravo Dome despite ongoing industrial drilling should allay concerns about potential leakage, Hesse says. Carbon capture and storage "can work, if you do it in the right place," he says. "[This is] an enormous amount of CO 2 that has sat there, for all we can tell, very peacefully for more than a million years." ...

(889 words by

Slurry-based Process is Cheap, Green Approach to Carbon Capture
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... Scientists from EPFL, UC Berkeley and Beijing have developed a slurry-based process that can revolutionize carbon capture. The slurry, consisting of a porous powder suspended in glycol, offers the efficient large-scale implementation of a liquid while maintaining the lower costs and energy efficiency of solid carbon-capturing materials. Carbon capture is a process by which waste carbon ...

(729 words by

A cost-effective and energy-efficient approach to carbon capture

... CO2 molecules. So here we looked at a material - ZIF-8 - whose pores are too small for the glycol's molecules to fit, but big enough for capturing the CO2 molecules from flue gas." Carbon capture is a process by which waste carbon dioxide (CO2) released by factories and power plants is collected and stored away, in order to reduce global carbon emissions. There are two major ways of carbon ...

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SaskPower's carbon capture project energy saviour or pig in a poke?

... around the world. They had assembled at coal-fired electrical generating plant near Estevan to witness the christening of the world's largest commercial-scale, post-combustion carbon captureproject. It was show time. At stake were the reputations of the Wall government, the federal government, which kicked in $240 million, SaskPower, and the whole idea of carbon capture and storage (C ...

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Shand test plant will open even more doors | City | Estevan Mercury, Estevan, SK

... facility at Shand Power Station should be nearly completed by the end of the first quarter of 2015 according to one of the principal players in the project. Mike Monea, president of carbon capture and storage initiatives for SaskPower, said the $70 million addition to the power generating plant will allow the global community an opportunity to test all types of post-combustion noxious gas ...

(1520 words by

Carbon capture and CO2: How North American companies are entering a low-carbon future.

... carbon-capture effort at a coal-fired plant. Three more such projects are in various stages of design and construction in the U.S. The irony? The current business case for carbon sequestration relies largely on using the carbon dioxide generated by burning coal to help increase production of another, somewhat cleaner fossil fuel: oil. At first blush, SaskPower would seem an unlikely ...

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Canada Launches $1.4B Carbon Capture Initiative

... SaskPower, Saskatchewan's provincially-owned power utility, is launching a CN$1.4 billioncarbon capture and sequestration project to serve the company's Boundary Dam coal plant near the city of Estevan. SaskPower claims the project is the world's first and largest commercial-scale carbon capture of its kind, cutting the plant's CO2 emissions by roughly 90 per cent, equivalent to ...

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New discovery will enhance yield and quality of cereal and bioenergy crops

... genomes for a variety of significant crops using model plants. "The regulatory genes that impact photosynthesis are critically important for enhancing growth and yield and improvingcarbon capture in both food and bioenergy crops," said Mockler. Explore further: A-maize-ing double life of a genome ...

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Monster Machines: Canada Ushers In Clean Coal With A Carbon-Capturing Power Plant | Gizmodo Australia

... of taking a quarter million cars off Canadian roads. Boundary Dam is the world's first Post-Combustion Coal-Fired CCS, which required a $US1.4 billion retrofit to unit 3. The carbon capture process will also reduce unit 3s capacity from 139 MW down to 110 MW. As Scientific American explains: Boundary Dam also burns brown coal, the most polluting form of the most polluting fossil ...

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McConnell, Grimes trade barbs on coal, climate change Super PAC drops $1.2 million on anti-Grimes coal ad - POLITICO Morning Energy -

... with the solutions that we need to make sure that we leave this world in a better place for my nieces and nephews, for the children I hope to have someday." Number one on her list is carbon capture and storage, an area in which she said West Virginia has done good work. — McConnell responded that there are "a bunch of scientists who feel this is a problem," but cited a George Will ...

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World's first carbon capture project opens | Fort McMurray Today

... accounts for 90% of the emissions from the power plant. However, not everyone is in favour of this new technology. "Electric customers will see their bills increase by 30% to cover carbon capture,"Alan Lockwood, a physician who wrote a book on how coal emissions damage our health, told reporters in Ottawa on Thursday. But the government of Saskatchewan said it will have no impact on power ...

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Heres What Alison Grimes and Mitch McConnell Discussed in KETs Debate | WKMS

... But she advocated for a balanced approach that addresses climate change while protecting Kentucky's jobs. She also said more money could be spent on advanced coal technology, likecarbon capture and sequestration. ...

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Policy issues plague advanced biofuel industry |
(2 Additional Articles)

... at power plants as "a match made in heaven," but pointed out that right now, the way EPA has written proposed rules for existing power plants, there’s some acknowledgement of carbon capture and sequestration and underground storage, but no discussion at all on reusing that CO2." Higher-value products, liquid fuels and a means of mitigating CO2 at power facilities, Carr concluded by ...

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Owen Paterson's Assault on the Climate Change Act puts David Cameron on the Horns of an Impossible Dilemma

... stations although, after 2030, new gas- and coal-fired power stations will again be allowed, on condition that all the CO? they emit is buried in holes in the ground (what is called "carbon capture and storage", or CCS). In order for this crackpot scheme to work, Booker goes on to explain, the UK taxpayer will be compelled to spend 360 billion building 90,000 giant bat-chomping, bird-slicing ...

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Moving beyond denial on carbon capture | Business Spectator

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Houston Food Bank to Serve Thousands of Solar-Powered Meals with Renewable Energy Installation | RenewablesBiz

... A Fortune 250 company, we create value through reliable and efficient conventional generation while driving innovation in solar and renewable power, electric vehicle ecosystems, carbon capture technology and customer-centric energy solutions. Our retail electricity providers serve almost 3 million residential and commercial customers throughout the country. More information is available ...

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