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Top person names mentioned in today's news:

Greg Rickford    3 (16.67%)
James Parker    2 (11.11%)
Tony Abbott    2 (11.11%)
Alan Lockwood    2 (11.11%)
Cheryl Wilson    1 (5.56%)
Michiaki Harada    1 (5.56%)
Daphne Wysham    1 (5.56%)
Top organization names mentioned in today's news:

International Energy Agency    5 (27.78%)
European Union    3 (16.67%)
Us Department Of Energy    3 (16.67%)
Cenovus Energy Inc    2 (11.11%)
Global Energy Assessment    2 (11.11%)
Marathon Oil Canada Corp    1 (5.56%)
Us Dept Of Energy Regional Partnership    1 (5.56%)
Top cities worldwide mentioned in today's news:

Sleipner, Queensland, Australia    4 (22.22%)
Barrow Island, Western Australia, Australia    3 (16.67%)
Alberta, Alberta, Canada    3 (16.67%)
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada    2 (11.11%)
London, London, City Of, United Kingdom    2 (11.11%)
Mckenzie, Louisiana, United States    2 (11.11%)
Pembina, Alberta, Canada    1 (5.56%)

Below are the top 25 articles of yesterday, ranked in order of their overall potential and actual impact on the global media ecosystem surrounding this topic.

COLUMN-In Australia, CO2 storage gets a big boost: Kemp
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... are satisfied the CO2 has been stored safely. It is not expected to become effective for at least 75 years, according to an analysis prepared by law firm Baker & McKenzie. CARBON SEQUESTRATION CO2 storage is important because the International Energy Agency (IEA) has identified carbon capture and storage (CCS) programmes as an essential part of strategies to limit climate change. "As long ...

(1071 words by

Gorgon Carbon Dioxide Injection Project | Global Carbon Capture and Storage Institute

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SaskPower set to unveil clean coal technology

... For several years, SaskPower has been outfitting its Boundary Dam power plant, near Estevan, Sask., in the province's southeast, with sophisticated equipment for what is known as carbon capture and storage. The project is aimed at demonstrating that such a system is feasible for conventional power plants that use coal as a fuel in the generation of electricity. Scientists and policy-maker ...

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Kentucky Senate hopefuls: Where they stand

... to move slowly in such a way that it won't shutter mines. She calls for a "balanced approach" to the issue that relies heavily on investing into clean coal technology, such as carbon sequestration, that would theoretically protect the environment. She also argues that she is the best candidate for coal miners because she would work to toughen laws designed to protect them. Patterson: ...

(1110 words by

CO2CRC - Leaders in research into Carbon Capture and Storage 

... a comprehensive plan, known as the Climate Change Plan of Action. Chevron is working with industry partners, academic institutions and government researchers (including the Carbon Sequestration Leadership Forum) to develop and deploy carbon capture and storage technologies. At the planned Gorgon natural gas development in Australia, Chevron is designing a liquefied natural gas facility ...

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Around the world in 22 carbon capture projects | Carbon Brief

... Avoiding dangerous climate change is still possible but will cost more than twice as much if we don't have plenty of carbon capture and storage (CCS). That's what the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change concluded earlier this year. If the world is going to avoid dangerous warming then CCS is probably going to play a pretty important role. The executive director of the International Energy ...

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Canada opens world's first CO2-capture coal plant at commercial scale | Hydrocarbon Processing | October 2014

... Countries from China to the US are seeking ways to reduce the environment al impact of burning coal for heat and power to take advantage of plentiful supplies of the fuel. Carbon capture and storage, or CCS, while operational in only a handful of countries, is expected to play a key role in meeting growing demand for power without contributing to climate change, according to the ...

(1045 words by

Sun is best nuclear fusion plant | Letters | Battlefords News Optimist

... Dear Editor I watched Premier Wall s recent speech as he opened thecarbon capture and storage facility for a small portion of the Boundary Dam coal-fired electricity plant. He said that this was a great step forward, that this would help reduce global warming and enable coal fired plants to produce clean, inexpensive energy and was only possible because the people of Saskatchewan are "innovat ...

(592 words by

Analyzing the Global Carbon Capture and Storage Market 2014 - Press Release - Digital Journal

... LONDON , Oct. 2, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- Carbon capture and storage is a process that has become quite popular in recent years. Carbon capture and storage, known commonly as CCS, or even known as carbon capture and sequestration, is a process that captures waste carbon dioxide from sources such as fossil fuel plants and transports it to a carbon storage site (generally underground). The process ...

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Carbon capture project draws global attention

... ESTEVAN, Sask. - A carbon capture and storage project touted as the world's first commercial-scale operation of its kind attracted international attention Thursday at its opening in southeastern Saskatchewan. SaskPower said more than 250 people from at least 20 countries attended the unveiling of the $1.4-billion facility that is to take carbon dioxide released by the Boundary Dam power ...

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World's first carbon capture project opens | Cochrane Times
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... OTTAWA - The world's first carbon capture project in a coal-fired power plant opened in Saskatchewan on Thursday. It's a pricey project but one its backers say can dramatically cut the greenhouse gas emissions that can cause climate change. "Today's announcement demonstrates Canada's leadership in developing clean energy technology," Natural Resources Minister Greg Rickford told a gathering ...

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Will SaskPowers CO2 capture facility imapct your bill? | News Talk 650 CKOM

... Despite the $1.4 billion price tag of the world's first carbon capture and storage power plant at the Boundary Dam outside of Estevan, SaskPower maintains that massive cost won't be passed on to customers. "This will not seriously impact their bills at all," insisted CEO Robert Watson. "Customers' bills will be what they've already been approved [for]. We've had approval, a three percent rate ...

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Carbon capture's energy penalty problem

... LONDON: SaskPower’s Boundary Dam Unit #3, the first utility-scale power plant to be fitted with carbon capture and storage (CCS), has produced a surge in media interest since becoming operational this month. But it also illustrates the formidable challenges that must be overcome before CCS is ready to play a significant role in the fight against climate change. Refurbishing the 45-year ...

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Quest to sequester | The Chemical Institute of Canada

... from the site's oil sands upgrader to travel by pipeline to injection wells for permanent storage. Photo credit:Shell Canada The project, called Quest, will use technology known as carbon capture and sequestration (CCS) for reducing the CO 2 emissions from Shell's oil sands mining operations, specifically the upgrader that turns bitumen into synthetic oil. The strategy is simple: divert CO 2 ...

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Fight climate change by taxing timber harvests: Guest opinion |

... that there is little climate impact of this loss of old-growth forest since carbon storage merely shifts from trees to wood products. But, according to BLM figures, for every ton of carbon captured in wood products, there are 13 tons emitted to the atmosphere when old-growth forests are logged. As such, the sale of the Elliott State Forest one of the few old-growth forests left on state ...

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World of clean energy feasible' by mid-century | News | Eco-Business | Asia Pacific

... "conflicting results of competing assessment approaches". But they tried to consider the whole-life costs of solar power, wind power, hydropower and gas and coal generators that used carbon capture and storage to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. They took into account the demand for aluminium, copper, nickel and steel, metallurgical grade silicon, flat glass, zinc and clinker. They thought ...

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