Carbon Capture & Sequestration News for 10-18-2014

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Top person names mentioned in today's news:

Muhyiddin Yassin    2 (28.57%)
Kumpulan Melaka Berhad    1 (14.29%)
Crispian Balmer    1 (14.29%)
Maximus Johnity Ongkili    1 (14.29%)
Greensburg Trib    1 (14.29%)
Tom Foley    1 (14.29%)
Maximus Ongkili    1 (14.29%)
Top organization names mentioned in today's news:

National Energy Efficiency Action Plan    2 (28.57%)
Ultra Supercritical Clean Coal Technology    2 (28.57%)
Clean Coal Technology    2 (28.57%)
Green Technology    2 (28.57%)
Atlantic Council    1 (14.29%)
Terms Of Service    1 (14.29%)
Virginia University    1 (14.29%)
Top cities worldwide mentioned in today's news:

Kuala Lumpur, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia    2 (28.57%)
Peterhead, Aberdeenshire, United Kingdom    1 (14.29%)
Knottingley, United Kingdom (General), United Kingdom    1 (14.29%)
San Antonio, Texas, United States    1 (14.29%)
Milan, Lombardia, Italy    1 (14.29%)
Moscow, Moskva, Russia    1 (14.29%)
New Orleans, Louisiana, United States    1 (14.29%)

Below are the top 25 articles of yesterday, ranked in order of their overall potential and actual impact on the global media ecosystem surrounding this topic.

Bury carbon? Bury the idea, says Robert T. Smith | TribLIVE

... "developed " world tilts at the windmill of nothingness. On Sept. 2, 2014, EPA Region 5 for the first time issued underground injection control (UIC) permits for the operation of carbon capture and sequestration wells at a power plant in Illinois. Carbon capture and sequestration has been proposed as a means for controlling and reducing greenhouse gas emissions from industry. These ...

(1339 words by

Sudan Vision Daily - Details

... Britain's Battered Coal Industry Sees Glimmer of Hope in Carbon CaptureKNOTTINGLEY England - A short drive across Britain's gritty former industrial heartland of south Yorkshire separates the past and the possible future of its once mighty coal industry. Kellingley colliery's winding towers loom over modest streets of row houses, lined with "For Sale" signs. The mine is likely to shut soon ...

(620 words by

EU pushes back deadlines 2 years in green energy funding scheme | Daily Mail Online

... 15 (Reuters) - European government officials have approved a proposal to delay deadlines for final investment decisions and the operational launch of Europe's first commercial-scale carbon capture and storage plant and 40 renewable energy projects. The measure, proposed by the European Commission following pressure from seven EU member states including Britain, France and Germany, throws a ...

(297 words by

Balancing the cost of electricity and environmental protection was a challenge faced by developing countries: DPM | New Straits Times

... (PV) system which can only generate electricity when there is sun," he said. He added the government was also looking at several other environmentally friendly technologies such as Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS), Integrated Gasification Combined Cycle (IGCC) and nuclear energy. Muhyiddin also called on everyone to work together with the government to adopt more energy efficiency (EE) ...

(386 words by

BERNAMA - Government Identify Technologies To Reduce Carbon Emissions - Muhyiddin

... faced by developing countries is balancing between the cost of electricity and conservation of the environment." The government was studying eco friendly technologies such as Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS), Integrated Gasification Combined Cycle (IGCC) and nuclear energy. He said KeTTHA was also finalising guidelines on energy efficiency (EE) via the National Energy Efficiency ...

(375 words by

Defending against energy price spikes -

... and other agencies should do what they can to prevent the closing of coal plants and push for more clean-coal research and development and a pilot project to demonstrate the value of carbon capture-and-storage at a coal plant. Unfortunately, nothing short of a major blackout will provide sufficient motivation to political leaders to solve the problems facing us. V.K. Mathur is a professor ...

(637 words by

The E.U. Gets Closer to Climate Commitments -

... applied. Environmental groups have long called for the U.S. to ban neonics as scientific evidence mounts indicating that the pesticide has resulted in increased honeybee die-offs. CARBON CAPTURE IN THE LONE STAR STATE. The New York Times reports: "Amid the calls to capture carbon to save the climate, a Texas company is preparing to do that job for profit. At Capitol Aggregates, a cement ...

(1101 words by